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The Perfect Party for a Three Year Old

By Glinda

My  husband and I have been mulling over party ideas for our three year old daughter.  She was born after Halloween, but very soon after, so we thought about a Halloween-themed party.  Or we thought about just renting a bounce house, putting it in the front yard and being done.

Silly us, we should be doing this.

My daughter loves swimming.

Now if only we lived in Florida.

2 Responses to “The Perfect Party for a Three Year Old”

  1. Awesomemom Says:

    That makes me sad for the poor tiger cubs.

  2. marvel Says:

    It’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye clawed out.

    I can’t get into the birthday parties that cost more than a month’s private school tuition. Priorities, people! I still remember the birthday parties my mom organized that cost < $10. (A treasure hunt is not that hard to plan and takes one pen and a few index cards. Creativity now available via Google.)

    When our youngest was 2 I _did_ find a cardboard castle on sale through Zulily and that made for good entertainment. Everybody got a $1 box of crayons and coloring the castle was the entertainment, then they played in the castle for playtime and they got to keep the crayons.

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