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Tuesday Beauty Poll

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
By Glinda

59% of you refuse to enter a body of water, no matter how small, with your jewelry on.  29% do just the opposite, and 3% will only wear jewelry in the jacuzzi.  7% of you simply solve the problem by not entering water at all.  I will say that I have worn necklaces whilst in the jacuzzi, but for the most part I try to take my jewelry off. Mostly in fear that I will lose it.  I don’t have a great track record with jewelry, and I am sort of amazed that I have managed to keep both my wedding band and engagement ring thus far without incident.

I have been trolling the web for summer camps for the Munchkin, strictly of the non-overnight kind.  Which got me to thinking…

CDF 2.0

Friday, May 25th, 2012
By Glinda

I’m exhausted, how about you?

Chris Hemsworth beat out Mark Ruffalo by quite a bit, and now I’ve got a young soccer star in the queue.  And I decided to do a shirtless photo because why should Manolo For the Beauty get all the fun?


The Time I Fought the School District. And Won.

Thursday, May 24th, 2012
By Glinda

I’ve been meaning to tell this story for a while, but I’ve been so buried under stuff that my mind has been unable thus far to tell the tale in a fairly truncated manner.

Because man, the whole thing was just stupid.   And get ready with some coffee and scones, because this is one loooong story.

In my state, some 2nd graders are tested for the gifted program. In some schools, every single child is tested, in others, only ones that have been recommended by teachers.  In my particular district, a test called the Naglieri is used.  The Naglieri is often used in many school districts with a large population of students that speak a second language or are economically disadvantaged, or both.  Essentially, it doesn’t have any words and uses pictures instead.

So the Munchkin was recommended to take the test, but upon doing some research and speaking with my sister, who is a GATE teacher, I found out that some students with verbal giftedness can do badly on the Naglieri.  Because duh, no words.  I asked that very question of the district GATE coordinator at a parent information meeting, and she did indeed admit that some verbally gifted students could be overlooked with that specific test.

Cut to my son receiving a HORRIBLE score on that test. I mean, according to the Naglieri, he wasn’t even performing up to grade level standards.  Which of course was not true.

I wrote a nice and polite email to the GATE coordinator stating that I didn’t think my son’s performance was reflective of his abilities, as we all could tell from his grades that he was obviously performing at or above grade level.

She replies that fine, if I would like, she could have a broader-scale IQ test administered, called the WISC-IV.  This is a two hour test conducted by a trained school psychologist that spans a larger set of skills than the Naglieri, which is mostly focused on logic.

So the Munchkin takes the test, and when he gets in the car afterwards, he tells me his brain is “on fire.”

Which I sort of took to be a good sign.

His test scores come back, and there are four subsets of results dealing with specific areas of skill.  His verbal is fantastic, definitely in the highly gifted range.  He has some good scores in two other subsets, but only in the moderately gifted range.  Then comes a low-ish score in the last subset.

I’m told that oh, too bad.  That low-ish score means my son isn’t good enough to qualify for the GATE program.  OKTHXBAI.

Wait, what?


Cute or Practical?

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
By Glinda


A good work friend of my husband’s is having his first baby in July.  He and his then-girlfriend were kind enough to send us a gift card when our daughter was born, so of course I am going to get them something.

But what?

I’m torn because I know that as a first-time mom, she will definitely need a bunch of “practical” items, some of them she may or may not even know she needs yet.

I sort of pride myself on being the person who can be counted on to get a useful baby gift, rather than some weird baby book that the person might not even like, or things like thick, wintry socks for a baby born in August.  Trust me, I’ve seen that.

For some reason, this time I keep leaning towards cute.

I love cute things, but I rarely buy them for babies other than my own.

But my head keeps telling me that I’m being selfish, and to get something that can be used many times, rather than a froggy hooded towel.

Persuade me…


Tuesday Teeny Poll

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012
By Glinda

A fever is sweeping the Glinda household.

No, really.

I don’t mean that as a euphemism. A fever really is sweeping through my household, cutting a swathe of whining, complaining, and tantrums.

And that’s just my husband.

Ba da BOOM.

Thank you, thank you, I’ll be here all morning.

Last week’s poll regarding your favorite reading material came down heavily on the side of fiction, which 85% of you voted for.  I would have to say that I also love fiction, but if I really stop to think about it, between newspapers and various blogs, I probably actually read more non-fiction on a daily basis.

Here is my burning question of the day:

Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

Friday, May 18th, 2012
By Glinda

In a decidedly anemic round of voting, Mark Ruffalo won out over Gabriel Aubrey and his killer cheekbones.

Today I’ve got a fairly hot Hollywood property, what with being in Thor and Snow White and the Huntsman, to name just a few.


Kids Reenact Sabotage

Thursday, May 17th, 2012
By Glinda

It isn’t often that a celebrity death particularly affects me, but when MCA of the Beastie Boys passed away recently, I did shed a couple of tears.  He was a brilliant lyricist, a father of a beautiful young daughter, and definitely died too soon.

Screw cancer, seriously.

But this, this brought a smile to my face.  And one of my favorite songs from them, too.  Beware, kids with guns for those that don’t like that sort of thing.

The Joys of Professional Photography

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012
By Glinda

Today I took my 9 and 2.5 year old to a “professional” photographer because I am a horrible mother who hardly ever takes pictures of my children.  Or, at least that is what I am basically told by the grandmas.  Well, maybe not exactly in those terms, but you can feel the disapproval at the lack of photos from a mile away.

I also put professional in quotations because I don’t think the studio we went to employs people who have MFA’s in photography, or whatever.  More like a high school diploma.  At least a GED. So it is definitely a hit-or-miss type of thing and it all depends on who you get.

My 2.5 year old, who 98% of the time shows no fear of anything, freaked the hell out at getting up on the little platform they have the children stand/sit on.  Why, of course she did.  I tried to get her individual photos first because I figured she had the highest burnout potential, but the shrieks of “No, no, no, noooooooooooooooo,” and the requisite dead man’s lift that goes with them enticed me into having her brother go first.

After brother was posed, in rather stupid ways for a 9 year old, I must say, she couldn’t wait to get up there and hog the spotlight.

Then came the challenge of getting both of them to look semi-decent at the same time, which failed rather miserably.  My nine year old was sacrificed.  He looks as if he is going to eat his sister as an appetizer as soon as the pesky camera goes away, but whatever.

My daughter doesn’t like to sit still for more than a few minutes, so kudos to the photographer for actually getting me at least three suitable photos to choose from.

And then I had to pay them over a hundred bucks for the privilege.

And, and, in this day and age of things like computers and printers, the photos won’t be ready until the end of May.  WTF?

I think I might be in the wrong business.



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