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Is Beyonce Faking It?

By Glinda

So these pictures have surfaced of Beyonce’s baby bump looking a bit worse for wear as she is sitting down.

And I will be honest, in the pictures it looks a little weird.  I know my baby bumps didn’t move AT ALL, no matter what I did.

I will be suspending judgement for the time being, but I did a little research and came up with this:

Beyonce on August 29, 2011 at the MTV awards.

Compare to this picture on September 7, 2011:


Now listen, I am certainly no pregnancy expert but does her bump actually look smaller in the picture taken a week after?

Maybe it was the extra fabric on the dress giving it some extra shape or something, but I will admit that it has me scratching my head a bit.  Supposedly there is a rumor floating around that she is having a surrogate carry her child.  If that is the case, which I’m not saying it is, I feel badly for her that she would feel she has to put on a charade.  Enough people use surrogates these days that I don’t see why there would be an issue.

What say you?


3 Responses to “Is Beyonce Faking It?”

  1. SarahDances Says:

    She definitely looks pregnant to me in the bathing suit pic, where there’s no way to hide an artificial bump. I wonder if she was concerned about the rumors of having a surrogate, so is wearing a prosthetic on top of her bump to account for not showing much?

    Or maybe she has some kind of padding over the bump to smooth out the line of her dress and keep her navel from poking out visibly? I don’t know. That all seems like a much more reasonable explanation than the secret surrogate thing.

  2. AuroraB Says:

    OK, take a look at the bikini, notice is has ruffles on the bottom and that she’s at kinda an odd angle, thus hiding the true bottom of her baby bump.
    The dress doesn’t have that, so you can truly see the whole baby bump.
    Who knows about the video of her sitting down. Maybe she is just starting to wear maternity clothes, and she doesn’t fill them out enough, so she’s adding some padding to make the dress fit better.

  3. Laura V Says:

    Depending on the clothes I wear, I can go from “ready to pop” to “you don’t look pregnant at ALL”. (I’m early in the third trimester at present). I also look a lot less pregnant in panties & a bra than I do in a dress. And some of my dresses wrinkle up awfully strangely in the front when I sit down, because they’re made to accommodate women from fairly early in pregnancies all the way to full-term, but to disguise the extra fabric when it’s not needed.

    So to me this looks like a normal pregnant woman who shows more in certain clothes than in others, and whose dress in the last bit is showing some of its extra fabric as it falls away from her belly due to gravity.

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