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Ways in Which My Children Drive Me Crazy

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011
By Glinda

My son’s complete lack of ability to “find” anything. “Please get me the pillows your dad got from the store, they are on the chair in the garage.” “What? There are no pillows in the garage, I looked!” “Dude, they are RIGHT in FRONT of your nose!” “Moo-oom, I can’t find the pillows.” Commence hair being forcibly pulled from my skull.

My daughter’s ability to completely destroy books with a special manuever I like to call the “back bend.” Before I can do anything about it, she will grasp the middle of the book, and force it back to meet the front cover. This is not pretty, and it pains me every time she does it.

Also, the fact that even though she has had a diaper on her body pretty much 24/7 since her birth, she still fights diaper changes. Don’t give me any tips, I’ve tried them all.

My son whose picture should be in the dictionary under the caption “unimpressed.”

And, the fact that he will repeat what I just said, but have one or two of the words wrong, making what I said sound very, very stupid. I hate that.

My daughter who STILL throws food she doesn’t want on the floor.

My son’s extreme reluctance to try anything new.

The brain-splitting decibel levels my kids reach when they are playing together. OK, yeah, I’m glad you’re having a great time, but does it have to be as loud as a plane taking off?

Don’t get me wrong, I love my children dearly, but today was definitely a venting kind of day. Feel fee to vent yourself!

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