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Tuesday Poll!

By Glinda

Because of the 3 day weekend, I decided to push the poll back to today because… Well, because I’m lazy, that’s why.

My last poll back in August asked if y’all believe in astrology, and 48% said they couldn’t help but just a little.  44% said no way, no how, and only 6% could give a rousing endorsement.  I think I have to lump myself in with the majority, but it’s probably more a case of being brainwashed about it from my younger self reading the comics section of the newspaper every day.

Today’s poll is going to address something the lovely AwesomeMom wrote in a comment:

I have always wanted to see a picture of you, but that may be too personal. I guess the worst you can do is turn me into a frog for asking.

Well, the second worst thing might be turning it into a poll question!

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