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Don’t Mind Me, Just Coasting Through…

By Glinda

If you’ve cared enough to notice, there has been a distinct lack of original thought here on good old Teeny Manolo.  Go figure that this is turning out to be a busy, weird, distracting summer. 

Hopefully, maybe it is for you too and you won’t have noticed at all.

Buzzfeed has a cute article addressing 25 things kids today won’t even know about.  Here are my favorites,  and no, I couldn’t get behind the 90’s Nickelodeon cartoons, which sucked.   The only 90’s cartoons I liked were The Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain. The rest, pfffft.

Why wasn’t a rotary phone on this list?

Cursive writing. Going the way of the dodo?

Memorizing a phone number, which is a good one. I still remember my parent’s first phone number.

God, how many hours of my pre-teen and teenaged life did I spend making mix tapes? Probably too many.

Ahhh, VHS tapes, how I hated thee. My son has no idea what I mean when I say, “Be kind, rewind.” That’s probably a good thing.

I thought I was so kickass with my Walkman in high school. I used it mostly when I waited to play volleyball games, whether a regualar season match or a weekend tournament. There was a lot of waiting around, what can I say?

Go read the whole list here.

5 Responses to “Don’t Mind Me, Just Coasting Through…”

  1. class factotum Says:

    They forgot Sugar Smacks and knowing what a scratched record sounds like.

  2. class factotum Says:

    And the Smoking Circle at school. I am guessing there is no longer a designated student smoking area at most high schools.

  3. Glinda Says:

    Really? A designated place for the kids to smoke?!

    I guess I say that as there was NO WAY my high school would have allowed us to smoke AT ALL, much less give us a special area.

  4. KESW Says:

    Ok that was dumb… please ignore or delete above random “p”.
    What I meant to say was, golly I miss Pepsi Blue. And decent cartoons. What’s up with no flip phone? Is it because we’re all moving to touch screen?

    Some things I will NOT miss… like fixing a cassette tape with a pencil. My cheap walkman would overheat my tapes and they’d get all scrambled and it was agonizing sitting there trying to sloooowly and carefully open that sucker up and not rip the tape.

  5. marvel Says:

    A friend of mine had to explain to her 4-yr old what she meant when she asked him to “hang up” the phone. (He’d never seen one without an “off” button.)

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