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What’s Happening to Him?

By Glinda

My son will be nine years old in a few months.

I’m thinking it could be time for a bit of, ah, information dissemination on the topic of sex.  I say that whilst cringing at the thought, yet knowing it is more important that he receive factual information in a timely manner than indulging any squeamishness on my part. 

But that doesn’t mean I have to like it.

My mother never had “the talk’ with me.  She never had it with my sister, either.  As a result, my sister got her period one day and was convinced that she was dying.  She saw blood down there and was convinced that she was having internal hemorrhaging and began to write a will.  I got nothing, by the way.

So seeming to have learned that something needed to be done to spare me the same trauma as my sister, my mother bought me a book.  She didn’t present it to me and assure me that it was fine to ask her any questions.  Oh no, she sort of hid it in a place she knew I would find it, and so I picked it up thinking I was reading something I wasn’t supposed to.  Which made reading the book quite an experience as I thought I would get into trouble for reading it, as it mentioned all kinds of things that I thought would get me into trouble if I knew about them.

My mom was tricky like that.

I never told her I read it and she never asked, but it all worked out fine. 

I just want to be a bit more proactive about the whole thing than my mom was.  And goodness knows that kids learn so much at a much earlier age these days, most of it probably wrong. So I spoke with my husband  and he agreed that we should start off with a book and then he would do any heavy lifting in the questions department.

Lo and behold, the book my mother bought me back in the early 1980’s is still around!

I remember the book being funny and informative and not really embarrassing to read.  It covered a large range of topics in a friendly, informative manner.  And did I mention it was funny?

My copy is already on the way.

3 Responses to “What’s Happening to Him?”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    It is good to be proactive. I was 8ish when a told me that a guy gets a girl pregnant by peeing on her. I told that to my mom who then got the fun of correcting that notion. I was pretty much like the bee and thought it was silly and gross that someone would want to do that to another person. Of course I changed my tune once the hormones kicked in.

  2. Seana Says:

    Another good one, by the same folks (which my parents gave to me for my 11th birthday, after I had laughed at it in the bookstore with friends) is called “Where did I come from?”. I would have been much more receptive to it, if they had given it to me MUCH earlier. So I still have the book, and it has been on my kids bookshelf since preschool. They pull it out every couple of years and look through it, and I have gone through it with them. Embarrassing? Yes. Necessary? Yes. Glad I did it? Absolutely.

  3. Amy M Says:

    I was about 6 years old when my mom first read me “Where Did I Come From?” My aunt was pregnant with my cousin at the time, so my mom thought it was a good opportunity to bring up the subject. I remember my reaction at the time was basically, “What is this nonsense? I couldn’t care less where babies come from.” (Or words to that effect.)

    However, looking back I’m so grateful my mom thought to address the issue well before my body started changing and before I had any actual interest in boys or sex. It prevented me from believing “rumors” about the basics, plus I could be a smarty-pants know-it-all and correct anybody who tried to tell me the wrong info.

    (There was another, more technical-looking book she shared with me as well, but I can’t remember the name of it. I do remember it included pictures of a naked hippy family along with all the other photos of the different embryonic stages in utero. Anyone?)

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