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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

16% of you say that taking children to Hooters Restaurant is not a big deal.  Apparently boobs are just boobs.  However, technically the majority is against, with 21% stating and unequivocal “no” and 45% stating a wishy-washy “no, but I can’t stop anybody else.”  Be judgemental people, it’s the American way!  As for me, I will never take a step with either my son or daughter into Hooters, which is a place that will teach them in no uncertain terms to objectify women, which is a lesson neither one of them should be learning.

Today I’m all about the holiday season and that annual favorite, the Santa photo.  And yes, I’ve already featured a Santa photo on another post, but one can never quite get enough Santa photos, in my opinion.

8 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. marvel Says:

    OT, but I do miss the updates on new comments that appeared on the upper right of the old blog format. It was an easy way to keep up with ongoing conversations. Also I am glad you are using a darker green font on the blog post titles. (It is a dark green, right?)

  2. Manolo the Shoeblogger Says:

    Hello to the Marvel. The blog titles are black, although, they were briefly green two days ago. (The Manolo is still working on the color schemes for the blogs; he is very indecisive about color.)

    As for the recent comments. The Manolo would like to bring these back, but first he needs to work out the formatting and positioning. Please give him the week or so to complete the changing over of the entire Manolosphere.

  3. marvel Says:

    Hi Manolo! i love that you are so thoughtful about the blog design! I have spent countless hours over the past few years constructing powerpoint slides, which is my only experience with generating any sort of graphic-art-to-be-consumed-by-a-public (often a demanding and critical “public,” ahem), and I have become exquisitely sensitive to font types, use of color, use of simple shapes to communicate complex ideas, placement of items on a screen to emphasize, etc. My boss used to tease me for using various pastel shades (he claimed he was more of a red-blue-yellow kind of guy) but guess who he came to when he was having trouble making a slide look like he wanted!?! So I empathize with the agony of color choice (blue-grey? light green? A slighter darker purple? Such a large palette to choose from! So few colors that work!) and I will be patient with the redesign. Thank you.

  4. Glinda Says:

    marvel, perhaps I can ask our benevolent overlord if he can re-install the comment widget. Although it might interrupt the “flow” he was looking for with the redesign. Maybe it can go towards the bottom? I agree that it helped to keep up with ongoing debates within the comments.

  5. marvel Says:

    Hallo Glinda and thank you for asking. Truly the overlord is benevolent!

    On topic, I have yet to get pictures of either of my girls with Santa. Is that wrong? I have given the older one the opportunity, and she has declined. I do think it would be wrong to force her to have her picture made with Santa after she has said she does not want to.

  6. Glinda Says:

    Oh, and actually I think the blog post titles are black, at least that’s how they look on my screen.

  7. marvel Says:

    Color balance on my screen at work must be off. They are clearly black on my laptop. (oops, did I just confess to surfing the manolosphere at work?!)

  8. J Says:

    OK, I voted never, but that’s because most kids are crying in the pictures. But I have a very cute picture of Maya on Santa’s lap. Not in a mall, not after standing in line, nothing like that. We never did Santa, thought it was lying, etc. So my SIL thought that we were ROBBING her, so she had a friend come over dressed as Santa when Maya was about 9 months old. Very cute. Crying kids who look like they’re being tortured? Not so much.

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