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Katherine Heigl W Cover

By Glinda

Even though she is beautiful and her daughter is beautiful, I am not in love with this cover.

Am I wrong in thinking that Naleigh is looking almost resentfully at the camera? 

6 Responses to “Katherine Heigl W Cover”

  1. marvel Says:

    She looks like she’s not looking at the camera. I think she is looking at some small thing in her hand and in about 0.3 milliseconds she’s going to turn, wriggle away from her mom and find something more interesting to do.

  2. Awesome Mom Says:

    I agree with Marvel.

  3. Glinda Says:

    It looks to me as if she is reaching for her mom’s face.

    They just don’t look all that happy to me.

  4. marvel Says:

    Well, I think they’re trying to be all high-end fashion glamour, and the baby is trying to be all active-toddler. The two don’t really mix. I think that picture was taken mid-motion, and that Naleigh is the wiggly kind of baby who just wants to run free and explore. That’s how my toddler would look if I tried to hold her still for a picture for too long! (“Too long” defined as “more than 2 seconds.”)

    Also the background color doesn’t communicate warmth and life and motion–it’s too dark. I think if the background were a medium shade of pink, or a lemon yellow, or even a moderately dark green, it would send off a warmer, livelier, happier vibe. I can’t tell if it’s the background color or the expressions that make them seem less than fully glad to be there.

  5. class factotum Says:

    No matter what, it’s always good to see a baby used as a prop, especially by a celebrity.

  6. marvel Says:

    @class factotum. I think I’m detecting a little sarcasm there.

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