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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

Oh, it seems you all are a bit too functional for me, with 34% of you responding that you get along great with your in-laws, while another 34% said it depends. 16% don’ get along with them at all, and for many, many years, I fell into that category. I guess I’ve moved into the “it depends” category, although I never let my guard down with them, which is kind of sad in itself.

Enough about me and my extended family issues, today I’m going to reference this article on Salon.  It seems the writer had a home birth planned, and even though her young daughters indicated they did not want to be around on the big day, she chose otherwise for them and the girls saw/heard the whole thing go down, much to their seeming dismay.  I try not to judge, but…

8 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. The gold digger Says:

    Not to mention with a home birth, it’s your own sheets that are getting dirty.

  2. The gold digger Says:

    Now I’ve read the story. That woman is an idiot. A seven year old and a three year old? Maybe she should have them in the room when she has open-heart surgery.

  3. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    I have no issues with home births, as long as all precautions are taken and a good midwife is present. But forcing your young children to watch that, when they’ve indicated that they don’t want to? That’s awful — how insensitive!

  4. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    Honestly, women like that give home-birthing a bad name. She was so caught up in her own ideology that she completely ignored the feelings of her own children. She should have made a priority of finding somewhere for those girls to go, but just couldn’t be bothered, and then put them through all that trauma for a “lesson”. Terrible. I haven’t read the comments on the article, but I’m sure they’re not very kind.

  5. Seana Says:

    She was trying to do the right thing, but I think the girls were too young for the lesson she was trying to teach. I respect her decision, but ultimately I think she scared her children.

  6. hickchick Says:

    If that’s the worst move she makes as a parent, she’s not doing too bad. Should the kids be wrapped up in cotton all their lives?

  7. The gold digger Says:

    I respect her decision

    I don’t.

  8. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    This isn’t about wrapping the kids in cotton, though. She asked them if they wanted to watch, they said no, and she then blithely ignored it, because of what SHE wanted. She broke her word to them and completely disregarded their wishes (which they stated multiple times). Sure, she might never make another parenting mistake for the duration of those kids’ lives, but this was definitely a doozy.

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