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The Nine Circles of Parenting Hell: Circle Nine, the Pick-Up/Drop Off Line

By Glinda


I don’t know what is so hard about the pick-up/drop-off line at school.

You wait your turn, you wait in your car until your child enters/exits the vehicle, the doors of the vehicle close, and you drive off. 

It’s that simple.

But you wouldn’t know it based on the antics at my son’s school.

It isn’t the “I’ll get out of my car and chat with my yoga buddy (whom I will be seeing at class later in the evening) and leisurely saunter over to my car with my child, taking my sweet time and blocking traffic” line.

It isn’t the “I’ll try to pretend I’m taking the exit, then suddenly swoop into the line, enraging the thirty vehicles who have been patiently waiting their turn behind me.”

It isn’t the “door to door service  in which I must make sure that my child is never any further than five feet from the gate” line.

It isn’t the “I will abandon my car altogether, thus creating chaos further down because the line cannot move because the six other twits who have done the same thing are making sure no one else can drive up.”

Nor is it the “The kid has been sucessfully dropped-off/picked up, but for some reason I am waiting for the stars to align before I move.”

If the pick-up/drop-off line is a barometer of our civilization, then it is in a steep and ugly decline.

One Response to “The Nine Circles of Parenting Hell: Circle Nine, the Pick-Up/Drop Off Line”

  1. Seana Says:

    I LOVE this. My son’s school has ONE street in and out, with the school at the end. The back-ups can be as long as a half mile while waiting for the pick-up/drop-off “zone”. Good on ya for callin it like it is, Sista!

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