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Help, I’m Drowning in a Sea of Pink!

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009
By Glinda

pink peeps

I knew I was in trouble as early as my shower.  Well, maybe I subconsciously knew it once my doctor told me the results of the ultrasound, but it didn’t really hit me until I began opening my gifts.

Item after item of clothing was unwrapped, only to reveal that it was- pink! Surprise! Or not…  If  said item was not totally pink, then it was comprised mainly of pink. Oh sure, there was some token purple, and perhaps a dash of brown thrown in. But overall the theme was definitely one of uber-pinkness. Even my freaking diaper pail has pink accents.

As someone who has been used to the utter lack of pink for seven years, it’s quite a shock.

I’m already tired of the color pink, and it hasn’t even been a month. It doesn’t help that my daughter doesn’t look particularly good in the color pink, unless it is a very deep pink. Her coloring lends itself more to deeper, brighter colors and pastels just make her look washed out. Is it sad that I am already noticing what colors look good on her? How superficial of me!

I haven’t yet been shopping for girl clothes, I’ve been dependent so far on whatever people bought me. The exception was for some warm pajamas that were on sale at Target for eight bucks (score!), so I don’t know if the epidemic of pink is due solely to the people who attended my shower, or if I am completely out of luck.

I have a feeling that at some point the color pink and I are going to have to make some sort of peace, but I’m not quite ready yet.

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