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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

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According to the results of last week’s poll, the majority of you are having Thanksgiving right at home. To that I say, good luck! I am fortunate enough that my sister is the hostess with the mostest and has all the major holidays and birthdays at her house. My contribution? Usually an appetizer or a salad. This year, probably neither, since I have the excuse of a newborn to hide behind.

Today’s poll revolves around pregnancy, but not mine. Even though I have to admit that during the Halloween party season, imbibing an alcoholic drink was tempting. Especially since I was feeling pretty cruddy for my entire last trimester. I didn’t do it, though.

4 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. La Petite Acadienne Says:

    My opinion falls somewhere in between — I don’t think that “a drink or two” is fine, but do I think that a sip or two, once in awhile, is okay? Sure.

    When we found out I was pregnant, my whole family toasted with champagne, and yes, I had a couple of sips, and then put down the glass. And if we were having company over and had opened a bottle of nice wine, I’d take a little taste from my husband’s glass.

    But a full drink (or two!) would have been too much for my comfort level.

  2. KESW Says:

    I’m fully of the opinion that one full drink (being 1 glass of wine, 1 bottle/can of beer, or 1 NORMAL strength cocktail), very occasionally (perhaps once per month or less), once you are past the first trimester, is of little enough risk to the baby to be worth allowing if that’s what the mother wants. To my knowledge (I google-researched this briefly a few months back), the US is the only developed country that pushes the no-alcohol-period agenda on pregnant women, and comparing our cultural relationship with alcohol to that of say, European countries, I think the reason is more of a Prohibitionistic attitude than soundly based medical research. If women in France or Italy continue to drink wine during their pregnancies, within moderation, and don’t turn out FAS babies left and right, then I don’t see why American women couldn’t do the same… except for the fact that we are a binge culture.

    In practice, I have come down to being able in my pregnancy to have sips off my husband’s beer or wine whenever he has some, which is maybe once every two weeks. He was not swayed by my arguments and prefers a better-safe-than-sorry approach. I am going to push for one full glass of wine on Thanksgiving, though, since my due date is the next day and I really don’t see how at that point I would do anything to my baby except get her a little sleepy. And after she comes, there is no force on heaven or earth that is going to keep me from having one darned Amber Bock when I come home from the hospital, because I have been craving beer like other pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream and it’s been intensely frustrating.

  3. pjs Says:

    I think there have been some good points made.

    However, there are two more to consider. One, much medical advice, especially regarding pregnancy, in the United States actually springs from a fear of litigation. There is not a way to determine a safe level of alcohol for every mom and babe as there is too much individual variance in how it is processed. Studies into how much is too much cannot be conducted for obvious ethical reasons. Because drinking alcohol isn’t a necessity per se, it is just completely discouraged during pregnancy because the risk does occur at some point, wherever that may be, with each individual.

    Two, if your child is ever diagnosed with something later that affects their life, as a mom you will revisit every aspirin before you knew you were pregnant, every cold, every action you did or did not do, and wonder if it could have contributed to what they have. At that point, you may view not having had anything to drink during pregnancy as an actual comfort, not a regret. Not an argument against some very valid points, just something else to consider.

  4. KESW Says:

    pjs — your last point is the one with which my husband got me… my mother-guilt kicked in early. ­čÖé

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