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Decisions, Decisions

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
By Glinda


As you may have been able to tell from my poll question yesterday, I’m having trouble with names.


We found out at about 18 weeks that the Munchkin was a boy. I got a nice long list of about ten names together and sat down with my husband. Wherein he promptly vetoed every single one and then we had a fight because he wanted to name our son after him. And yes, I suppose I could have phrased my objection to that a bit more subtly, instead of “I really don’t like your name, why would I want to give it to my son?” What can I say, pregnant women aren’t especially known for their tact.

More and more research was done, more and more names rejected. I think we were down to the last few weeks before we were able to compromise on a name, and it was a compromise on both sides. As many stated in the comments for the poll, we were looking for a name that wasn’t really popular, but one that was not completely uncommon. A harder balance than it seems.

We have been told that we are having a girl, and then the panic set it. My god, there are so many girl names! We had a hard enough time with a boy name, imagine what we’re going to go through with girl ones!

There are about a bazillion or so relatives and friends who have girls, and to me that means you have to avoid those names. And mind you, I am still harboring bitterness that my sister in law knowingly stole my favorite girl name in the world. Just because she had a girl first doesn’t make it right!

But the husband and I are already beginning the vicious cycle of me coming up with names and him rejecting them again. Mind you, he never comes up with any of his own, he just doesn’t like any of mine.

Because both our families are so thrilled that we are having a girl, we are considering starting a bidding war for naming rights. Ten grand for a middle name, thirty for a first name. That way we can have none of the stress of naming and get some money out of it too.

And if our daughter complains about being named Griselda, I’ll just hand her a wad of cash for some shopping therapy.

The Tale of a Tooth

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009
By raincoaster

Have you or someone at your house ever wondered what becomes of baby teeth after the tooth fairy takes them away? They get their own blogs, that’s what!

baby teeth go to the movies

“I don’t think these glasses work.”

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