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Hot Mama Tip: Lucky Scent

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
By Glinda


I admit, I loves me some good perfume. I am a bit of a perfume snob at times, and I realized at a very young age the power of a fantastic perfume.

One site that intrigues me is Lucky Scent. They deal with exclusive and hard-to-find perfumes, many of them European.

But, I’m sure you would be hesitant to fork over the moolah for a scent that you can’t try out, right? Or maybe you like to have all kinds of perfumes to fit your mood that day.

Therein lies the beauty of the site. They allow you to buy samples of the scent that catches your eye, most being either three or four dollars. So, for twenty bucks you can try out at least five lovely perfumes! And even though they are smaller sample sizes, I happen to know that you can eke those out for quite a long time, especially if it’s a high quality fragrance.

The site even has a handy-dandy scent-finder, where you can narrow your search down to brands, keywords, and even notes. Superfantastic!

Celebrity Library Abusers

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
By raincoaster

Sully Sullenberger

Who doesn’t love a hero? Specifically, who doesn’t love Sully Sullenberger, the most heroic hero who ever had an attractively alliterative name? The pilot and safety consultant, also known as the Hero of the Hudson for landing a full airplane on the Hudson river without the loss of a single life, famously called his local library and explained he’d be late in returning some books.

Said books being at the bottom of the Hudson River, in the airplane.

Sullenberger contacted librarians and asked for an extension on the loan and a waiver on the overdue fine. The reason? The book is in the cargo hold of the US Airways plane that made an emergency landing last month in New York’s Hudson River.

Ha, uh, just what we all would have done! And in a sickeningly heartwarming addendum, the book was about “professional ethics.” Good lord in Heaven. Just let us touch the hem of your robes, Sully!

And now, the long-awaited cashing in has begun. Yes, Sully has recorded a television commercial.

For the library.

Oh, and should you or another in your household feel compelled to worship, there’s a free downloadable poster.

Beats the Jonas Brothers, no?

Friday Caption Contest: Pure Magic Edition

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
By raincoaster

My new favorite blog, Awkward Family Photos, is an unending treasure chest of delights, sort of like Mary Poppins’ bag or Mister Dressup’s Tickle Trunk, only with other people’s families in it instead of props and costumes. I can already sense that it will become a regular source of thieved material for the Friday Caption Contest.

In homage to my own light-fingered lifting of the following image, we present a posse of prestidigitators for your perusal:

It's magic!

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