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Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
By Glinda

You know that you are getting old when you start feeling a little dirty when you find young actors to be hot. And hey, by young I mean about 18-30 or so, so get your mind out of that gutter! Well, actually almost any actor younger than me. Even worse is when you remember them when they were kid actors, and now it’s hard to reconcile their hotness with the cherubic young face they once had.

Anyone else feel a bit cougar-ish?

Exhibit 1

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

From this…


to this… Get your mitts off of him, Claudia!


Exhibit 2

Leonardo DiCaprio

Even though he isn’t all that much younger than me, I still remember him like this…


I’m happy with the results, though…


And finally, the one that makes me feel worst of all.

Exhibit 3

Daniel Radcliffe

Remember this adorable moppet?


Now, he is totally reminding us that he is legal. We get it, Daniel!


I think I’ll go take a shower now. Is there anyone else I can add to the list?

Pretty in Pink

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009
By raincoaster

I’m a child of the Eighties, and as such, doomed to use that for a title any darn time it’s even slightly appropriate. And my friends, it has never been more appropriate than it is today.

Normally I have an eternal tomboy’s visceral resistance to Pinkness, both as a colour scheme and as the bizarre cult which has seemingly seized control of every female under the age of ten, at least if the mall is anything to go on and I think it is. I am, it must be admitted, rather fond of the singer; I enjoy her voice very much although I confess I cannot understand a single word she is singing, something which surely influences why all those songs about her husband don’t seem to affect him very much, and that’s probably all to the better.

But Pinkness has its time and its place, and as its time appears to be now, so its place is here, at the flagship Barbie store in Shanghai. It is nothing short of the Superfantastic!

A piercingly-pink exterior:

Barbie Store Exterior

A spiral staircase with 800 pink-clad Barbies:

Barbie Store Stairwell

And, should the sight of that much overwhelming Barbitude and Pinkitude prove too much for one, one can restore or perhaps lose (your choice) one’s equilibrium at the bar (all stores should have these, with a daycare next door; it makes shopping so much more civilized), and then take the pinkest escalator on Earth back down to harsh reality.

The entrance to Heaven or Hell?

via JayPiddy

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