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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda


Last week’s question was about sexting, and what you would do if you caught your daughter doing it. The vast majority of responses indicated that you would take away the phone and ground her. It wasn’t indicated for how long, but if it were my daughter, it would be one heck of a grounding. As mentioned in the comments, this type of thing has ramifications for later on in her life, and the seriousness of the situation needs to be conveyed.

Today I want to know what you think about celebrities and adoptions.

6 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. class factotum Says:

    I don’t know what’s involved or if celebs get special treatment, but it probably doesn’t hurt that they have staffers and lawyers who handle all the details for them. It’s kind of like their exercising and eating — who couldn’t work out with a trainer two hours a day and then have a simple, elegant, low-cal meal if she had a maid, a nanny, a cook and someone to do the grocery shopping?

  2. Tizzy Says:

    I agree with class factorum I think it’s more about money and resources than celebrity.

  3. Jennie Says:

    I really don’t care if it’s about money or celebrity. If a kid gets a chance at life, love, privilege, a warm safe home, what does it matter? Children are abused, starved, diseased, raped, used, and unloved all over this planet. Does it matter who gives one of them a chance? If everyone that had the capability, funds and heart would take in a child in need wouldn’t the world be better?

  4. raincoaster Says:

    One of the reasons this is an issue is that there’s a very good chance this isn’t about the heart of a celebrity, but about the publicity potential of adopting from the Third World. Surely a demonstrated respect for the law is something for which to look in a potential adoptive parent?

  5. Jennie Says:

    Sure. As long as that respect for the law is practiced on all sides. In an ideal world, girl children would have as many rights as boys. I have worked with and associated with too many women that suffered outrageous abuses as children both here and abroad. The third world countries are the worse because a lot of that abuse is condoned by the government and religion. I know I should want Madge to wait 18 to 24 months. What I want more is the rescue of one more little girl. Which set of priorities should I go with? Humbling the Madonna or saving a little girl?

  6. raincoaster Says:

    How about having Madonna live there to save the girl? Is moving house for 18 months too much to ask of a busy woman? If so, how much dedication does she really have?

    She could still adopt the girl; it simply requires staying put for that long. And obviously, it’s more than she thinks is worth it.

    Something to think about.

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