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Skorts- The Devil’s Work?

By Glinda


I was looking over websites, perusing the new spring offerings that are out. I was not really impressed.

What I did see, though, was that odd hybrid of skirt and shorts known as the skort. Not a skirt that has shorts underneath, but the kind with the flap of fabric in the front for the skirt, but looks like shorts in the back.

My theory is that moms often fall into wearing skorts because they think, hey, it looks like a cute skirt in the front, but I can actually bend down to pick up my toddler without showing the world my panties! Which I will agree is indeed a fabulous thing.

But I got to thinking about skorts, and wondering if they were in fact, evil. I will admit to owing a pair about ten years ago or so, although I don’t really think there has been a time when they have truly been a fasion “rage.” Or maybe there was, and I just wasn’t around for it.

The skort was first developed by Leon Levin as the “Q” skirt for the LGPA, where they became a big hit and adopted by many a golfing lady, as well as women tennis players. Now for sports and other athletic endeavors, I can see why they would be nice. Sort of like a reverse mullet, party in the front, business in the back.

But considering the vehemence of the debate on capris, I’m curious. Are they the most useful piece of clothing ever designed? Young girls can get away with them, but nobody over 12? Or, maybe you think NO ONE should ever wear skorts. Ever.

Do tell.

7 Responses to “Skorts- The Devil’s Work?”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    I think they’re a fashion disaster, but I do wear the hell out of mine when I go rollerblading. A skirt is not an option and shorts are not as attractive from the front. I wouldn’t wear them for anything other than active sports. If your skirt is so short you’re worried about the world seeing your underwear, your skirt is just too short, period.

  2. casablancabride Says:

    I’m with raincoaster on this one. Skorts = horrible unless worn for active sports. That said, when I was in 3rd or 4th grade I had a denim one with sunflowers embroidered on the hem of the skirt flap and man, oh man I loved that thing. Ick.

  3. dgm Says:

    Agreed with the above that skorts are a no-go for adult women. I wouldn’t even wear them for tennis (I’m strictly a shorts person), and golf is out of the question. I don’t golf because the game is too slow and OMG golf clothes are hideous.

  4. missm Says:

    If you are seven and spend a lot of time hanging upside down or sitting criss-cross-applesauce these can be cute. Otherwise, come ON.

  5. Dot Says:

    No thanks. They are a combo of two items of clothing Dot doesn’t wear. Cute on kids, not at all on ladies.

  6. Robyn Says:

    Skorts all look like hell from the back. As do shorts, BTW. The only ones that are passable also have the skirt in the back, and all seem to be athletic wear. I think “Athleta” has carried them.

    Re: Capris. I know they are unflattering, but they are better than shorts. I would be willing to trade them for never seeing a guy wearing a team logo athletic jersey for a team he isn’t currently playing for AND and never seeing a guy wearing his pants under his gut. Until then, we keep capris.

  7. flipster Says:

    From an adult male point of view…. I’m a little torn. I used to absolutely hate them because, hey, I felt subconciously cheated when I found out from behind that it was not, in fact, a short skirt.

    But skirts are inherently more attractive to most of us than shorts (not that shorts aren’t!), and if ladies are uncomfortable wearing a short skirt and they’re not uncomfortable wearing shorter shorts… it’s a nice compromise. Sue me, but skirts just get a more positive initial reaction out of a guy, and if I’m looking at you from the front and can’t tell they’re really skorts, my brain’s gonna think “skirt”. Hey, we’re just wired that way. The skort works for me in casual situations, or, as others have mentioned, sports.

    Though I’m not so sure about the leather/pleather. That’s a bit over the top.

    My wife wears capris because she hates her legs. I don’t. They’re ok. But what are ya gonna do? I don’t tell her what to wear.

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