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Forget the Puppy: Think BIG This Season!

By raincoaster

Black Beauties

Really, the puppycam was cute. They were adorable puppies. Puppies, my friends, are adorable.

But does the world really need another $500 Maltipoo, Puggle, Labradoodle, or (God help us all) Chihuanian, otherwise known as Knicknack-With-Teeth?

One thinks not. One very much thinks not. $500 seems to be the going rate for any crossbred you don’t get from the Pound and while you do get access to that hybrid vigor, you don’t usually get any work out of the darn things.

Ever tried to hitch a half a dozen Cockapoos to a sled and yell MUSH! and you’ll see what I mean.

But now, for the price of a purse dog, you can have your own jumbo cruiser. Why think small when you can now adopt a rescued horse for as little as $500 plus shipping and handling?

“The horse overpopulation is almost as bad as the dog and cat overpopulation.”

But this fall, more than ever before, her phone has been ringing off the hook with requests from horse owners who say they can no longer afford to keep their pets.

“It’s crazy. … The economy is so bad this year, people are just dumping them,” Macmillan said.

And, really, with the price of gas being so volatile, can you afford to turn down a bargain like this?

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