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What Happens on Sesame Street Stays on Sesame Street

Sunday, June 1st, 2008
By raincoaster

I don’t remember the mountain expedition part (was that down past Mr. Hooper’s store?) but this was too good to miss. More in the continuing moral decline of the once-innocent Cookie Monster.

Cookie Monster Mountaineer

From SeeMikeDraw

Listmania! Best Family Games You’ve Never Heard Of

Sunday, June 1st, 2008
By Glinda

Er, well, maybe these are just games I’ve never heard of before. These games are fun for the whole family, and perfect for those game nights! They all promise to not be boring for the older set, as there comes a point when you can play Candyland or Monopoly only so many times.

PhotobucketQuiddler Ages 8+ Sort of like Scrabble, but with cards. And a little more complicated.

PhotobucketFive Crowns Ages 10+ It comes closest to rummy, with five suits. Start with 3’s, and they are wild. Go on to 4’s and 4’s are wild, and so on…

PhotobucketBlokus Ages 5+ A game of strategy, in which your blocks may not be adjacent to anyone else’s blocks, but yet touch at least one corner of one of your other blocks. And once the block is down, that’s it!

PhotobucketSET Game Ages 6+ A card game where the object is to find specific sets.

PhotobucketPass the Pigs Ages 7+ A game of chance in which you accumulate points by rolling two cute pink piglets.

PhotobucketWild Planet Hyper Dash Ages 7+ An electronic game that gets the players moving! The game gives commands as to specific targets, and you have to run around the house or yard to get them! Has four different levels and four different game modes to challenge memory, coordination, and teamwork.

PhotobucketMayfair The Settlers of Catan Board Game Ages 12+ Catan is an imaginary island that is different every time you play the game! The players are explorers and settlers who develop things on the island.

PhotobucketThinkFun Rush Hour Ages 7+ Set up cars and trucks and try to maneuver your way through rush hour! Forty “road block” cards and four difficulty levels keep this game challenging!

PhotobucketTicket to Ride Ages 8+ Claim your own railway route across the United States before your opponents get there first!

PhotobucketDeluxe Pit Ages 8+ A card game where you “corner the market” of a certain commodity. You’ll feel just like a stockbroker. But you’ll still be able to feel good about yourself in the morning.

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