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and the angel said unto her…it’s only Thursday for God’s sake!

Thursday, May 15th, 2008
By raincoaster

Married To The Sea

Your Cheatin’ Heart

Thursday, May 15th, 2008
By Glinda


According to this survey, thirty six percent of married moms have had an affair since having kids.  AOL and Cookie Magazine, the sponsors of the survey, report that over thirty thousand people have taken the survey.

Yikes, that sure is a lot of hourly motel room rentals

However, more than a few grains of salt should be taken with this survey.  First, it is an internet survey open to anyone.  That means there could be some pimply 17 year old in his mom’s basement filling out the survey.  I’m not exactly sure why he would want to do that, but many things are difficult to explain. Second, there is nothing preventing people from taking this survey more than once.  Heck, I had problems with a pop-up on the site and wound up getting kicked back to the beginning, even though I had already answered ten questions.

It is impossible to say how valid the numbers are, really.  If you halved it, coming up with eighteen percent, that sounds a bit more realisic.  Still, almost twenty percent of moms having an affair is a sobering statistic.

I thought it was the moms who were supposed to not want sex anymore!  All the whining demands, messes to clean up, and endless fruitless negotiations over household rules can really lower a woman’s sex drive.  And really, that’s just dealing with the husband…

But, I do have one important question. Does this mean that I will have to send Sven, my Swedish masseuse, home early now for fear the neighbors will start whispering?

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