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Vintage Video Muppet Madness

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
By raincoaster

Beaker was always my secret favorite, so it’s nice to see him getting his due finally, rather than playing a slightly addled Igor to some mad scientist. Also, the velvet lounge suit really brings out the Titian glory of his hair, don’t you think?

via Valleywag

The Beautiful Women Project

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
By raincoaster

Carrying on from Glinda’s Teeny Poll: What causes art? In this case, it’s simple: a child’s desire for mutilation.

Do 13-year-olds really need to be saving their babysitting and paper route money for breast implants? Cheryl-Ann Webster wondered that herself, when her daughter told her that a friend was already socking away money for the boobflation job she felt would be an absolute necessity, sooner rather than later.

So Cheryl-Ann made a few synthetic boobs herself; she made The Beautiful Women Project.

To demonstrate that beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes, she wanted to surround young girls with sculptures of real women’s bodies…

The Beautiful Women Project is a touring art exhibition of life-sized torsos of real women aged 19-91.


* To challenge socially-constructed images of beauty
* To raise awareness and open a dialogue about the link between self-worth and physical appearance
* To be a teaching and healing tool

In the artist’s words: “Our bodies tell our life story. They are portraits of our journeys and experiences. Knowing that our body is beautiful just as it exists, is a message more people need to see and hear.”

Webkinz Anonymouz

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008
By Glinda

Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles

Hi, My name is Glinda. And I’m addicted to Webkinz.

It began so very innocently.  A small stuffed chocolate labrador was a gift from Santa, and only recently did we get around to unsealing that little packet around its neck.  Little did I know that opening that packet was going to open a rather unhealthy relationship with a completely fake universe built around completely fake pets.

And what an elaborately fake universe it is, replete with a veterinarian, (Dr. Quack, of course) an employment office, a sort of Webkinz University, a gem mine, and so many items to buy with your KinzCash that any interior decorator would drool at the possibilities.

I mean, it isn’t my fault that if you don’t have enough KinzCash, you can’t feed your pet.  And that to get the KinzCash, you have to play games and trivia quizzes. It certainly isn’t my choice to have to mine for precious gems in order to qualify for a Crown of Wonder.  I had nothing to do with the decsion to make the Wishing Well as exciting as a slot machine.

I mean, please don’t tell me I am the only parent in the world who somehow finds themselves playing Dogbeard’s Bathtub Battles after their kids have gone to bed. 

Seriously, please tell me that.

What they need to do is make it much more boring.  You know, so moms kids won’t want to play so often.

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