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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda


For last week’s poll, which asked if schools should do away with letter grades, the “yes” answer came up with a big goose egg. Ninety-six percent said no, while three percent wasn’t sure.

Which begs the question, if we don’t like the letter grading system all that much, but we like the “credit/no credit” option even less, where does that leave us? Apparently with a system that leaves everybody quite cranky.

Zooming off in an entirely different direction this week (watch out for that whiplash, I’ve heard it’s nasty) I would like to ask:

6 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. Cristina Says:

    I think serving alcohol would be okay but being drunk a definite NO – and by drunk I mean tipsy too. Adults should have their wits about them, but one drink can be enjoyed responsibly. I think it’s the host’s responsibility (and if she or he isn’t okay with the responsibility then not serving alcohol is perfectly fine, too).

  2. Laura V Says:

    How about this answer:

    “…optional. If the hosts wish to serve it, they should feel free to do so.”

    The hostess (because of COURSE it’s a hostess?) is not obligated to provide alcohol if someone wants it. Why on earth “should” she provide it just because someone wishes it? It is perfectly reasonable for a guest to ask, but it is well within the rights of the host to refuse (politely).

  3. Glinda Says:

    @Laura- Some people believe that it is the duty of a host (and you are correct, I should have termed it as “host,” although there was nothing anti-feminist implied by the term hostess) to provide whatever their guests would like.

    I’m not saying I believe it, but it is a philosophy I have heard many times.

  4. Jen Says:

    Well, I’m a deep-south-type hostess. My mother gave me Tiffany’s Table Manners For Teenagers and Emily Post for my 13th birthday. She would absolutely keel over and die if I ever broke an etiquette rule. As a result, I have put aside MANY personal feelings and desires in the interest of proper hospitality. But I draw the line at alcohol – I have very specific rules about that. And in this situation I wouldn’t serve it.

  5. raincoaster Says:

    Laura is very, very smart. You decide who you are, and you throw parties in accordance with that. That is one way you express personal style. I have a friend, a very nice man, who only wants coffee and doughnuts. I never provide them at my parties. We’ve known each other twenty years and he still tries to order them, as if it were a restaurant. I have friends who smoke, but I don’t provide cigarettes! Yes, you used to have to do this, but the smoking debates of the past forty years have fundamentally changed this for good. You don’t have to provide what your guests want, you provide things you think they might like.

    Jen: the edition of the Emily Post is crucial. Emily Post herself, whose last original edition was published in, I believe, 1956, was a great woman with an exhaustive knowledge, a kind but strong character, and sound instincts. Her advice is impeccable. Elizabeth Post, on the other hand, and all the other little married-into-the-name Posties who’ve done the series since then are really just making stuff up. Miss Manners is our only remaining hope, especially since Letitia Baldridge is so terrribly accomodating to smokers. (Sorry, I did a paper comparing American etiquette books at University).

    And Glinda, isn’t it dependent on the time of day? After all, there aren’t many children’s parties at or after the cocktail hour. I’d say one glass of something up to or including the alcohol content of sherry (14%, and don’t ask how I know that off the top of my head) would be fine at an afternoon get-together, but four Bloody Marys to get through a morning playdate are across the line.

  6. Tizzy Says:

    My answer is that it depends largely on the adults in attendence. I had a beer at my nephew’s birthday party but my sister knew that by offering beer that she was not taking any risks with this particular group. Unless you know the adults in quesiton well enough to know how they’ll handle a drink or drinks at a kids party I’d say it’s unadvisable.

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