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Friday Caption Contest: Pony Feeding Edition

Friday, January 25th, 2008
By raincoaster

Captions in the comments, carrots in the pockets.

Pony Feeding

Image stolen from TheRidingCompany, who’ll definitely get some of my many blogging millions when I book a horseback vacation.


And is anyone else wondering why she’s wearing a dress in the barn? Zeez Euros, zay air zo ztyleesh!

Bedazzle Your Way to the Top!

Friday, January 25th, 2008
By Glinda

Parents who enter their children into beauty pageants have always been a source of confusion for me.  Are they trying to live vicariously through their offspring? Do they ever stop to think that the emphasis they are placing on looks (despite the vocal protests that it is really all about learning to speak in public as well as their child’s intense love of dance) will distort their self image?  That their child may not remember the valuable lessons of friendly competition, but simply that life is a big contest and the one who looks best wins?

I’m not sure what motivates them to participate in such displays, but it certainly isn’t the chance to wear really pretty dresses.  Some of these numbers would be rejected by the Ice Capades for being too flashy.  That and the fact that the skaters would never make it more than an inch off the ice due to the weight of the assorted bling.

Apparently the higher you get in competition level, the higher the level of bedazzlement required.  I wonder if they hand out sunglasses to the audience at the nationals? Or maybe the whole point is to blind the judges?

I know, I have more questions than answers.

Anyone feel the need to use a doily?

  I’m seeing red, all right

Bling overload

Flying purple pageant eater

Did Princess Di’s dress have this much?

If there was ever a time to say “Ayyyy!” this is it!  I’m sure the Manolo will forgive me for stealing his signature cry of disapproval.

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