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Tori Spelling’s Gratuitous Exposure

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
By Glinda


Tori, since it seems to be cold enough for a scarf, hat and to have your own legs securely covered, why not make sure your son’s are too? A blankie might be in order, although at that age, they sometimes try to throw the blanket off just to see the parental reaction of horror that the blanket has been dragging on the dirty pavement.  So I sort of understand.  Sort of.

On one hand, I thoroughly enjoy any chance I can get to look at cute little baby legs.  On the other, I keep wondering how cold those wee bare patches of exposed skin are getting.   

My maternal instinct makes me want to hunt them down on that sidewalk and throw one of the Munchkin’s old baby blankets on him.  As I fight my way through the paparazzi, I’ll shove it at her and say, “It’s not that expensive, it can drag all over creation, I don’t care!  Legs that cute deserve to be covered!  I know that goes against everything you’ve learned in Hollywood, but fight it Tori, fight it!”

And as they are carting me away in handcuffs, at least I will know that somewhere out there, a child’s legs are warm because of me. 

A Child’s Christmas Podcast in Wales

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
By raincoaster

A Child’s Christmas in Wales

Hark to the beautiful, bountiful baritone of Dylan Thomas, y’all, reading his own Christmas classic, A Child’s Christmas in Wales. So, which part is your favorite? I’ve got a weakness for the “junior firemen” and their prompt, enthusiastic action in the face of a rather dramatic turning point in the narrative.

(not exactly Wordless for Wednesday, am I? Oh well, I always was a contrarian!)

Ten Great Toys for Under $25

Wednesday, December 12th, 2007
By Glinda

Got some last-minute gift shopping to do, but on the cheap? Then this list is for you.

Aqua Doodle Kit Aqua Doodle Kit

Dress them up!
Magnetic Dress-Up Set


The Magic School Bus Rocks!
Magic School Bus Body Kit

Remember these?
Spiral Draw

Hippity hoppity!
Hop Along Horsie

Build away!
100 Piece Block Set

Little chef!
Deluxe Chef Set

Bees in Trees!
Honey Bee Tree

Make your own book!

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