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Your Saturday Shoe Guide

By Glinda

Bronzed Baby Shoe

When you are the new parent of an infant, the whole shoe thing, it’s hard. Well, actually the entire infant thing is hard, but you’ve got this little bundle and you think, should I put shoes on those adorable feet? Are socks better? Or perhaps nothing at all if weather permits?

I know that my own mother gave me exactly zero advice on matters such as these. I often wonder if it was because she didn’t want to seem like an overbearing grandma, always telling me how to raise my child. But more often, I think it was because she had completed her child-raising so many years ago that the mists of time had pretty much fogged her vision.

So with my mother’s memory loss, I was left to flomp around on my own, as I was the first among my friends to have a child. Yeah, they thank me now because I was the one that made all the mistakes that they were able to learn from. They totally owe me.

And since buying footwear for infants and toddlers is a much different process than just buying the Louboutins because they look beautiful and elegant, I thought I would try to find a handy-dandy guide to purchasing infant and child shoes. We adults can grin and bear any discomfort because we know we look hot, but infants and toddlers have very specific shoe needs that need to be met. If they aren’t, it can cause problems in their development. Very serious and weighty matters to add to the already serious and weighty matter of having a screeching, twelve-pound dictator on your hands.

I think I found a very good set of guidelines here. There seems to be lots of solid advice for new parents to follow.

Who knew that being clueless and too tired to go out and buy shoes for my infant son actually turned out to be a good move on my part?

4 Responses to “Your Saturday Shoe Guide”

  1. Annalucia Says:

    The Annalucia’s children did not get their first pairs of shoes until they were seriously beginning to walk, which generally meant about the age of twelve months. Before that they wore the socks in the cool weather, and nothing at all in the summer.

    The first walking shoes were of the soft leather, with the soles just firm enough to help the little feets to keep their balance, but not at all stiff. As the children get older and walk with more confidence, of course one can indulge in the Mary Janes and the gym shoes and all that is readily available. But for the babyhood, the less is definitely the better.

  2. raincoaster Says:

    My mother had the pleasure of meeting a shoe salesman who loved his work and knew it extremely well. He gave her excellent advice, actually convincing her not to buy shoes for her children too early and to buy ones that fit and didn’t squash the feets when she did. If he were still around and selling shoes, I’d still be buying from him. Experts in the retail trade are all too rare.

    I also like the knitted booties with leather soles. Kinda a home-made Ugg boot thing. Mind you, I wear them myself so I’m biased.

  3. Awesome Mom Says:

    That is what we did with the boys. They wore socks or Robeeze until I felt they were confident enough walkers to move on to harder soled shoes.

  4. Jen Says:

    I wanted a soft shoe that was like a Robeez graduate when my son was walking a lot, and I found Preschoolians, which were essentially Robeez with a flexible plastic sole. Much better than those heavy Stride Rite clunkers they wanted to sell me in the shoe store. Also we liked See Kai Run but they were a bit big in the ankle opening, a bit sloppy in fit.

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