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Angelina Jolie and the Littlest Surgeon

By raincoaster

As even the battle-hardened noiristes at Defamer say, Angelina Jolie will make you cry. I dare you to watch this and listen to her story and keep your upper lip from quivering, just a bit.

The speech was filmed at the Clinton Global Initiative Conference, and released to publicize the launch of the Clinton Global Initiative website
Now, I must confess that Angelina Jolie has always irritated me. I thought the humanitarian stuff was basically a PR move, like Paris Hilton being appointed a UN ambassador or something. When she started collecting children like they were going out of style, it spoke to me of something inside her that just wanted to out-martyr Mia Farrow.
And, really, girl could eat a sammich.
But the fact is that whatever her motivations, she’s doing good work. She’s getting it accomplished. I’m posting this video and giving Clinton’s project some needed juice because it is Angelina Jolie, and I know people will click on this to see what she has to say. Defamer ran it in the first place because it was Angelina Jolie and not some schlubby middle-aged flyover state chino-wearing librarian. So, in its way, it’s as perfect an example of the power of celebrity being used for good as I can find.
But we can still hate her for what she did to Jen.

5 Responses to “Angelina Jolie and the Littlest Surgeon”

  1. raincoaster Says:

    Oh, like you didn’t cry. Pour it out in our comments section unashamed. After all, nobody’s gonna connect “Princess Tiamat” with your day job at the DMV anyway!

  2. Glinda Says:

    Well, that made my lip quiver a bit, as it almost always does when I see someone else cry.

    Angelina could be somebody who just sits on her butt and enjoys her millions like 99.8% of celebrities, but love her or hate her, at least she is doing SOMETHING to try and help.

  3. Glinda Says:

    Oh, and I don’t hate her for what she did to Jen. I never liked Jen anyway.

  4. raincoaster Says:

    I never liked Jen either, truth be told, but still…

  5. Eilish Says:

    Must never forget to thank God daily for the sheer number of opportunities our children will have simply by virture of being born in America or Canada. They can make what they want of those opportunities, but they have them. They will probably never have to “sell tissues”.

    I never much liked Jen either.

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