Teeny Manolo: Celebrating the Joys of Parenting and Childhood - Part 32


July 20th, 2011
By Glinda

I present to you the utterly terrifying Harry Potter characters as reborn dolls.

I think it’s a tie between Voldemort and Dobby as to who will be the star of my nightmares tonight.

Herminone Granger

Ron Weasley


Harry Potter

Severus Snape



Monday Teeny Poll

July 18th, 2011
By Glinda

69% of you disagree with LA Unified’s ban on chocolate milk at schools. Which in turn means 30% of you agree.   I’m going to have to say that I am not a fan of the ban. Yeah, it’s some extra sugar.  But if a child is very overweight, then I don’t think it is just the chocolate milk that is the issue.  If the child drinks regular milk at school, yet does not have access to fruits and veggies and lots of physical playtime, then it doesn’t really matter in the long run.  And what about those kids that aren’t overweight at all?  Why shouldn’t they get to choose?

Today I’m all about the British tabloid scandal.  Well, sort of.

Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

July 15th, 2011
By Glinda

Well, I think we all know that the very yummy picture of Jamie Bamber was pretty much one of the best ones I’ve ever featured on this contest.  And of course he is now in the CDF Hall of Fame.

Damn, I’m going to miss that picture.

So, I’ve got two new contestants.

And for some strange reason, I couldn’t find a decent “studio” picture of Kendra Wilkinson’s husband, so I’ve featured both men in a fairly unstaged state,  just to be fair.  You might know the second celebrity dad as either a country singer or Nicole Kidman’s husband.  I”m not really a country fan, so Nicole it is for me.


Real or fake, still entertaining.

via Buzzfeed

There Will Be No Licking in This House

July 12th, 2011
By Glinda

I present to you a vintage ad for a laxative that is currently making the rounds:

I’m not kidding when I say that this conversation could well have happened between my husband and me just yesterday.

Boing Boing via Sociological Images

Monday Teeny Poll

July 11th, 2011
By Glinda

Good grief, it’s been a bit, hasn’t it?  Last week was fairly hectic, not to mention the Munchkinette having an illness that resulted in lots of bodily fluids coming out of her that, ah, weren’t really supposed to.  Poor baby.

Anyhoo, 52% of you rarely write checks anymore, 16% do it quite often, 28% occasionally, and 4% of you never have to write checks at all.  I wonder how much longer banks will be keeping checks around.  I imagine it is much cheaper to do it all electronically. 

As for today, the Los Angeles Unified School District, one of the largest in the county, recently voted to stop serving chocolate milk in schools.  This includes students who qualify for subsidized or free meals.  Ostensibly, it is to combat childhood obesity, but I wonder if this is just a proverbial drop in the milk bucket, so to speak.


July 6th, 2011
By Glinda


It seems that my kids have it a little too good.

In my quest to provide my children with a good life, I have inadvertently given my son a sense of entitlement.

Mama isn’t pleased.

We drive nice (but not outlandishly nice) cars, we have a comfortable home in a wonderful neighborhood.  Our city has good schools, abundant and well-maintained parks, and potholes exist for a short time, if at all.  There is no open homeless population, no graffiti, no run-down areas. 

In fact, I was trying to think of the grittiest thing my son has ever seen, and that probably would be graffiti scrawled on the walls of the freeway, far-removed from his surroundings.  If he has even seen it, since he is probably too busy watching movies.

And so unwittingly, I have caused my son to score a big zero in the empathy department for people who are less well-off than we are.  Also, a nature of such laziness and unwillingness to work that it trumps even mine, which is saying a LOT.

I have tried to inform him through various media of how good his life is, and how there are thousands of children who would trade with him in a heartbeat if it meant all they had to to was clean their room, do their school work, and weed the yards.  We’ve donated old toys and clothes together.   We’ve talked about his attitude at great length.

And yet, when I told him that I thought he was old enough to go out and perform some volunteer work, he actually started to cry.  TO CRY, I kid you not.  Granted, he is an emotional child, but I truly had to restrain myself from smacking him upside the head.  He said it was embarrassing.  I told him that there was nothing embarrassing about helping people less fortunate than you, and ordered him out of my sight before I did indeed smack him upside the head.

So, I’ve been scouting out sites for youth volunteerism, and to be honest, there isn’t a whole lot for kids his age.  I don’t want this to be a one-off experience, I want to commit to an organization and make this part of his routine. 

Any thoughts on some good volunteer jobs for nine year olds?  Or how to combat the whole entitlement things?

Maybe a smack upside the head?

Tuesday Teeny Poll

July 5th, 2011
By Glinda

44% of you consider the weather when deciding how long to leave leftovers out.  17% do a couple of hours no matter what, another 17% of you don’t even care, and another 17% of you REALLY don’t care.  Only 3% of you are as anal as I am, it seems.  Er, well, maybe that was just me.

On Friday I got my hair did, and as I was writing the check out to my stylist, I thought to myself that I couldn’t even remember the check I wrote before that.

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