Monday Teeny Poll

You know, I feel like we are friends.  I’ve been writing on Teeny Manolo for quite a long time now, and I know all you regular commenters as if you were my real life coffee-klatsch.  Well, I don’t drink coffee, so how about tea-klatsch, if there is indeed such a thing.

So please, allow me, for just a second, to complain. And perhaps you will get a better understanding of why my posting has been all over the map lately, for which I sincerely apologize.

1) In less than two weeks, I will undergo a partial thyroidectomy to remove one half of my thyroid gland in order for them to biopsy a suspicious growth.  If it comes back cancerous, I’m to return in less than a week from the original surgery date and have the other half removed, then undergo some radiation.

2) Recent economic developments in the state of California have led to a salary and benefits decrease (in the space of about a month and a half) for my husband, which in turn leads us to not being able to afford to stay in our current place and still have any money left over.  Not destitute, but quite a bit less coming in.

3) Thus, we are moving in next door to my parents, into a house they own and have owned for years.

4) However, the house is in a state of complete disrepair and needs to have lots of remodeling done, thus leading to me being in charge of a $50,000+ renovation project.  Which is fine, just a lot of work and research.

5) Have I mentioned my daughter doesn’t believe in sleeping at night?

Combine all of that and you have one tired, stressed, and worn out Glinda.   Don’t get me wrong, I am blessed in so many ways that I have a hard time being upset about any of it, it’s just a lot on my plate at one time.


The county where I currently live, and have for the past ten years, is known for being rich and snobby.  I am neither.  But tell me…

PS The general consensus on the monster stickers was that they were cute!

The Lookout

I can’t even rely on my nine year old to find a pair of socks in his sock drawer, much less keep an eye out to protect my multimillion dollar illegal operation.

To Time Out or Not to Time Out

I can’t remember if I was at the doctor’s office filling out my daughter’s two year checkup questionnaire or if I was reading something on the internet, but whatever it was, it indicated that time-outs were not appropriate for toddlers.

Say what?

Honestly, if I didn’t use a time out for my daughter, she would probably have hurt herself doing something she wasn’t supposed to do.  Simply telling her does not cut it, and I refuse to hit.  She is an envelope pusher (please, may that trait serve her well later in life) and if I don’t have SOMETHING to resort to as a punishment, my life would be more of a living hell than it already is.

Because even the time out doesn’t always work, and once I threaten one, I am extremely consistent about following up.  I give her warnings and don’t jump straight to the time out, but in cases like the one where she tries to climb up our entertainment center to touch the television, they are used immediately.   I only use time outs when she is going to hurt herself in some way or has hurt someone else in some way, such as the time when she was very into punching her brother in the private area.  Sorry, not going to be tolerated and I don’t see any other recourse.  I take her physically away from whatever is going on, sit her with me, and tell her why she has to sit with me.  I don’t keep her that long, but I think my message comes across.

I didn’t have to use time outs for the Munchkin until much later in his life, definitely after three.  He was a completely different type of child, so much that it makes my head spin to think about it.  But like all kids, he has his own special brand of misbehaving.

Oddly enough, I remember that the article didn’t really have any other options for discipline other than distraction.  Let me tell you, once they get to a certain age, distraction doesn’t work.

Unless of course, the distraction is a time out.


Tuesday Teeny Poll

As I mentioned over on Manolo Beauty, my life has taken some surprising turns in the past few weeks, thus leading to not a whole lot of posting.

I apologize.

I will do my durndest to keep up with the pace I’ve been churning out now for going on five years.  You’d think I’d have it down to a science by now.

I spotted these courtesy of Boing Boing:

Please Give a Warm Welcome to the Philosotoddler Meme

Tuesday Teeny Poll

Never mind me over here being a bit MIA, just a bunch of things happening in a very short amount of time make for a very distracted Glinda.

47% of you saw 2011 come and go with nary a glance behind you, while it was a banner year for 21%. 21% also felt it was one of the worst. Years. Ever.

I thought towards the end of 2011 it was starting to get bad, but I think that 2012 is so far shaping up to be much worse, at least for me personally.

Sunday night we went out to eat at a restaurant where they serve a complimentary toddler plate. It came with a banana, some oranges, and some cheerios in a small stainless steel cup, the same kind they used to serve ketchup and likeminded condiments. Well, my daughter became obsessed with that cup, and anything we put in it, she would eat.

So, after not much deliberating, I stole it. Sue me. Because if I can recreate that magic even half the time, my life is ten times easier.

Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0

Yes, my dears, it has been a while.  Let’s chalk it up to exhaustion from the holiday season, shall we?

Now it seems that our man Pierce is on some sort of unstoppable run, and indeed, he only has one more win needed to place him in the CDF Hall of Fame.

What brave man would be brave enough to step into the breach?

The lovely and wise Seana suggested a certain actor who unbeknownst to me, has been his very hot self on the small screen for quite the few years.  Although I consider myself a sci-fi fan, this man eluded me whilst acting on Farscape and Stargate SG-1.  But wait, I’ve watched Stargate SG-1 and never noticed him!  Fool!


Oh Kentucky, Why You Gotta Be Like That?

A list of the first baby names of 2012 by state recently came out, and there are definitely a few humdingers.

Apparently there was a trend of a lot of names beginning with the letter K and the letter A. Even though I didn’t give birth in 2012, I’m OK with not being on trend.

A few that leapt out at me:

Kentucky: Kay’lyn

I thought that the whole apostrophe within a name thing was so very over.  I was so very wrong.

New Mexico: Daytona Jaymes

There are, to me, two things wrong with this name.

South Dakota: Kalylah

I have no idea where they came up with this one, or how to pronounce it.  Awkwardly, I guess.

Wyoming: Khloe

The Kardashian influence has gone much too far.

Ohio: Anya

A Project Runway fan, it seems.

Arkansas: Wesley Ren

Ditto Princess Bride.

Nevada: Envy Essence-Faye

I could deal with this if it was rearranged.  Maybe.