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Wordless Wednesday: Some Things Never Grow Old

Checking for gum at the opening session of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, via the Guardian.

checking for gum

Dog Found!

Dog Found

Looks like this made someone’s day.

Wordless Wednesday: Stormtroopers Sack Sad Santa

Santa Sacked by Stormtroopers

Wordless Wednesday: Gandhi from Babies

Gandhi from babies

Children in Siliguri, India, waiting their chance to take the stage in a Gandhi lookalike contest celebrating the 139th anniversary of his birth.

Wordless Wednesday: Yes!

Gina Glover's YES!

by Gina Glover in the Guardian

Wordless Wednesday: Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm

from TheSun

Wordless Wednesday: Waterlily


from The Guardian: by Rick Nederstigt/AFP

Not Exactly Rodeo Drive

For some things, there are no words:

fail owned pwned pictures

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