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Old Navy Sale

Friday, January 4th, 2008
By Glinda

There are stores that claim to have a sale, and then you go and find the sale price is a mere five bucks off the normal price. Not so Old Navy sales! They tend to have some fairly good price slashing, and I honestly don’t consider it a real sale unless it’s at least 40% off.

Colored, embellished jeans for girls half off! And there are more colors available.

Pink jeans! Cute!

For girls, Metallic Pintuck Tops, also half off. Too cute for spring!

Pintuck Top!

For baby girls in sizes 0-12 months, a lovely keyhole trapeze sweater with pointelle detailing for a little over eight dollars!

Looks comfy!

For boys, slim pickings as always. Here is the best of what’s left that still has some size availability.

Hi-tech quick-dry soccer tee for a little over seven dollars.

Keeps them dry!

Boys side-striped athletic pants, at the right price of $7.25. Great size availability, also in grey.

Great for the practice field or park!

Perhaps they are not the cutest pajamas ever, but they are 100% cotton and have a fabulous size availability from 3 months up to 5T. And hey, high fashion is tough to get for five bucks.

What more do you want for five bucks?

Happy shopping, if you’ve got any money left over from the holidays, that is!

Sesame Street … CENSORED!

Tuesday, November 27th, 2007
By raincoaster

It’s true. The new DVD release of that golden classic of the airwaves (cablewaves, whatever, I’m old, yo) has been held up, smacked on the bottom, and slapped with an R rating, just like the Mickey Rourke in lust (and in Kim Basinger) BDSM flick 9 1/2 weeks.

Well, it’s easy to see why.

Gaze, if you will, upon the singled-out-as-kid-corrupting footage of Alistair Cookie‘s Monsterpiece Theatre production of The 39 Stairs.” Note, if you will, that Alastair holds between his toothless gums a …


Pipe, Magritte

In the original, shocking footage, Alistair Cookie not only holds the pipe in his mouth, but chews and swallows it in an orgiastic, addiction-fueled frenzy of obscene enthusiasm. Clearly, children who witness this will be scarred for life, unable to discern the difference between food and drug paraphernalia.

licorice pipes

According to Parente, “That modeled the wrong behavior” — smoking, eating pipes — “so we reshot those scenes without the pipe, and then we dropped the parody altogether.”

Actually, I saw that in the original form and look how I turned out!

Oh, wait…

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The Teeny Manolo Sweepstakes!

Sunday, November 18th, 2007
By raincoaster

TeenyshoesPrizes! Fame! Glory! Stuff!

Don’t you love contests that have all of the above? Well, we’ve got one for you! Copy and paste, forward and gossip with abandon!

The newest members of Manolo the Shoeblogger‘s vast internet empire, we launched TeenyManolo in late September, and wouldn’t you know, we are only now getting around to introducing ourselves. Ah, they grow so fast, don’t they? Where does the time go?

As the proud parents, we naturally think that TeenyManolo rocks the Parentblogosphere, and we’re certainly not above offering some good old-fashioned bribery a superfantastic contest to get the word out! We are thrilled to announce the TeenyManolo Sweepstakes, an international contest for Amazon Gift Certificates, two for $50US and one grand prize of $150US to three lucky readers. The contest begins on November 23 and ends at 12AM Pacific Time on December 7, 2007. Entering is simple and free! There are two steps:

1. Link to TeenyManolo in a blog post, whether or not it’s one about the contest.
2. Just come and leave a comment that you’ve linked to us.

And that’s it! A bargain, we think. And really, we are all about the bargains around here.

In related news, we’re also building our blogroll. As dedicated Manolites, we will blogroll you if you blogroll us, because we think that mutual admiration is a lovely thing. Just email theglinda AT gmail DOT com or raincoaster AT gmail DOT com and let us know!

The very rich ARE different from you and me

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007
By raincoaster

Violet Affleck plays with money

When I was Violet Affleck‘s age, I had to play with nickles! Three miles, uphill, in the snow!

Fashion Friday

Friday, October 12th, 2007
By Glinda

It seems there is a new children’s retailer on the scene, called Crazy 8, which is owned by the same company that manufactures Gymboree.  I would equate them with The Children’s Place as far as target pricing.  They’ve got a good selection of clothing for newborns up to tweens.  And, for a limited time due to the launch of their new internet site, all shipping is free.  They’ve got a really good sale going on right now as well. The clothes are fairly stylish for the price, so get going!

Here are some of my favorites.

For girls:

Double-breasted Crop Jacket

 This double-breasted terry jacket is on sale for $16.99.

For boys:

Barn Jacket w/Corduroy collar

This barn jacket with corduroy collar is on sale for only $23.99

For baby girls:

Smocked Terry Hoodie

A smocked terry hoodie on sale for $11.99

For baby boys:

Zipfront Cardigan

A zip front cardigan on sale for $12.99

Happy shopping! Because I know if there is anything we love more than our kids, it just might be a good sale and free shipping!

Halloween Costumes of the Rich and Famous

Thursday, October 11th, 2007
By raincoaster

Dick in a Box

Who says Britney Spears is a bad mom? Why, she’s already got the boys’s Halloween costumes sorted! That’s what I call being involved!

Members Only

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007
By raincoaster

Every now and again our mysterious overlord The Manolo descends from his Chilean ski lodge, jets over from his villa on Lago de Como, or pries himself out of the greedy Parisian grasp of that notorious publicity hound Yves Saint Laurent to visit upon us the linkie lurve, as his dear Texan friend Jerry pronounces it.
And this pleases us, it do. It makes us feel all tingly inside, like the Angels, sitting in the hot tub with Bosley, listening to Charlie sing their praises. And we look to once again do our best for him.

In particular, by stealing from him.

Oh, don’t look at me like that. Don’t you tell me that Sabrina, Jill and Kelly never took home a stapler. I only know they didn’t take home a pad of Post-its because they hadn’t been released to the public yet. But, come to think of it, Charlie would have had some anyway. Charlie was probably sleeping with Miss Moneypenny and getting all the cream James Bond was too high and mighty to skim off, the fool!

Right, the stealing. That brings us back to stealing. It’s a blog post about stealing.

Well, as you can imagine, a well-connected guy like The Big M knows a lot of people. Heck, I can’t count the times he’s told me to “take a message” when tiresome old Madonna, George Clooney, or Bono is on the line. He gets around. To places you and I have never heard of. Without paying the cover. And he brings back things like this…click on to see the Secret Files of the Manolo… (more…)

The Revolution will be Machine-Washable!

Saturday, September 29th, 2007
By raincoaster


As a collectivist denizen of darkest Canuckistan myself, I totally heart these. We should make them standard uniform in our military; it would make peacekeeping duties in former Soviet republics just that much more lively, don’t you think? I certainly hope a portion of the proceeds from sales are going to support urban renewal projects in Havana, yet somehow one doubts. They were, after all, hanging up next to the Pink Panther socks, and the Pink Panther is a well-known right-wing Libertarian.

Does his agent know about this?

Stolen from Houseplant Picture Studio, via Nag on the Lake.

And of course, no guerrilla fashion ensemble would be complete without:


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