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Tuesday Teeny Poll

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012
By Glinda

Listen, y’all. I DO NOT know where the days go. One day it’s Friday and the next day it is Monday and I haven’t done what I’m supposed to do. I promise it will get better.

56% of you are very self-reflective in answering that you very well might be a snob.  Which, to be honest, means you probably are.  Not that I love you any less, of course.  21% vehemently deny the accusation, while 8% answer with an overhwhelming affirmative.  The rest of you refused to answer of the grounds of self-incrimination, and that also means that you are a snob, without question.

I would say that I am for some things, and not for others, if that makes any sense.  There are things that many people care about very deeply that I couldn’t give two figs about, and there are things that I think are important that nobody thinks of twice.  So I guess that means yes.

A school in Pennsylvania recently banned Uggs during school hours.  Not because of their blinding ugliness, but because they were being used to store contraband such as cell phones.

Sales, Sales, and More Sales

Friday, August 13th, 2010
By Glinda

$7.99 and under Juniors at Macys.

Lancome free 7 piece gift with 32.50 purchase.

Spend $60 at Beauty.com and get $10 off.

Take 25% off all Tom’s of Maine products at Drugstore.com.

At Hanna Anderssen, get free shipping on orders over $100.

Also at Hanna Anderssen, select items are on sale for back to school!

Listmania! Great Jackets and Coats for Boys

Sunday, August 30th, 2009
By Glinda

Boden Fleece Lined AnorakBoden Fleece Lined Anorak A great everyday jacket.

Boden Padded JacketBoden Padded Jacket Cozy and comfy with a removable hood.

Old Navy Boys 3-in-1 Color-Blocked CoatsOld Navy Boys 3-in-1 Color-Blocked Coats This can be worn three ways for the ultimate in versatility.

Gap Hoodie barn jacket

GapKids: Hoodie barn jacket Has a built in hoodie for the layered look without the bulk.

Gap Warmest jacket

GapKids: Warmest jacket  Available only online, this will keep him warm on even the chilliest days.

Joseph Abboud 'Junior Wallace' Wool Coat

Joseph Abboud ‘Junior Wallace’ Wool Coat  A great-looking long wool coat.

The North Face Kids Recycled Denali Jacket

The North Face Kids – Recycled Denali Jacketl One of the most popular cold-weather jackets, and it’s on sale!

The North Face Kids Denali Hoodie

The North Face Kids – Denali Hoodie  The hoodie version of the jacket above, also on sale!

Quiksilver Kids Crosstown Fleece

Quiksilver Kids – Crosstown Fleece A classic lined hoodie keeps up with fashion trends.

Patagonia Kids Synchilla Marsupial

Patagonia Kids – Synchilla Marsupial  Some of the warmest fleece around!

Hollister Hits the Wrong Note

Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
By Glinda

I don’t know if you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to go into a Hollister store. I have teenaged cousins, so I have had to suffer through the poor lighting and horrifically loud music, not to mention the crappy, overpriced clothes. And I also realize after reading that sentence back to myself, I am officially old.


Being a California native, I have never cottoned to Hollister and its offerings, which are nondescript, cheap looking articles of clothing that somehow pass as surfer “chic.”  Just know that no real surfer would ever be caught dead in Hollister clothing.

So, establishing that I have a hard time giving them a fair shake, along come these gems, targeted toward teen girls:

Hollister shirts girls

Excuse me?  “The twins are quite a handful?”

“Save a wave, ride a surfer?”

Thanks Hollister! Now I have even more reason to hate you!

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This is What Sixteen Looks Like, Folks…

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009
By Glinda


This is formerly wholesome teen star Miley Cyrus on the “green” carpet before the Teen Choice Awards. Not exactly the outfit I would have hoped for.


This is an even less wholesome Miley Cyrus performing on the Teen Choice Awards. It has been claimed that it technically isn’t a stripper pole because it is on top of an ice cream cart, but since when did ice cream carts have poles on them? Semantics, says I.


Remember when everyone thought this was bad?

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Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, June 1st, 2009
By Glinda


Last week’s poll about judges intervening in medical cases involving minors inspired a bit of civilized kerfluffle in the comments. But, we are all about the diversity and exchange of ideas here, and everyone stated their cases admirably.

In the end, sixty-six percent of you said that as long as it is in the best interest of the child, it was ok for the courts to intervene. Thirty-three percent felt that it was private matter and the courts should stay out.

As for today, my post about girl’s swimsuits got me to thinking about girls nowhere near the stage of puberty wearing bikinis.

The Horror!

Thursday, May 7th, 2009
By Glinda

Jezebel managed to steal a 1972 Sears catalog from somebody’s basement that featured children’s fashion. And I’ve promptly stolen the pictures from them, because this kind of horror is the kind that has to be shared so that other people can suffer along with you. And just think, I wore crap like this! And thought I was cool!

These chicks look like they could use an attitude adjustment. Because nobody should look that smug with strawberries on their pockets.


It seems that fruit was an overarching theme for 1972.


These pants leave me completely speechless. Uh, at least they were good at hiding stains? And who else remembers those horrible jumpers that took you forever to get out of when you had to go to the bathroom?


And don’t think that the boys managed to get away unscathed. I want to know who thought wide-striped dress pants were a good idea.


Oh Winnie-the-Pooh, Christopher Robin would never have worn something so utterly dorky. The laces on those shirts practically scream out for a bully to grab them.


Finally, we see that no mercy was available even for babies. The little boy looks like he is beseeching his mom, “Why, Mom? Why would you put me in miles of scratchy polyester?”


Watch Those Shoes, Young Man!

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009
By Glinda


I found this list of etiquette rules on Oprah.com the other day, and I was fine until I got to number five. Polite on the phone? Check. Thank-you notes? Check. Working outside-in at a fancy dinner set up? Check.

But number five is a bit of a puzzler.

5. Shoes Are Important
When getting dressed each day, be sure that your shoes are well-maintained. People associate the way you take care of your shoes with the way you handle detail in the rest of your life.

Now here in the Manolosphere, I am not about to suggest that shoes are unimportant. I think I might be fired or something.  But is the state of a teenager’s shoes considered a breach of etiquette? For many teenagers, wearing funky and possibly worn shoes is a badge of honor. It’s a tiny form of rebellion, and I’m not sure that if I were an “expert” making a list to be featured on Oprah.com for millions of people to see, that I would choose that particular fight.

She must have a young person in her life that has shoes she disapproves of.  Actually, I can’t remember the last time I saw a young person with old, torn shoes.  These days they tend to have nicer shoes than I do. 

But something I do see all the time?

I think my number five rule would have been:

5. Belts Are Important
When getting dressed each day, be sure that your pants don’t find their way to your ankles. People associate being able to see your underwear with the way you handle detail in the rest of your life.

What would have been your number five?

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