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Building a Better Baby Crib

Wednesday, October 15th, 2008
By Glinda



According to Make Blog, a company made this supposedly snake-proof crib back in the early 1900’s.

Sometimes I wonder why they were called the good old days.

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, October 13th, 2008
By Glinda

Well happy Monday to you! If there is such a thing, that is.

Last week I asked what kind of shoe you like to wear on a daily basis, and ballet flats edged out sneakers and sandals by a mere one percent at twenty. And the poor stiletto is taken out on date nights only, it seems.

I seem to find myself wearing all three of the top choices, but I’d have to say that some of my sneaker-ish shoes are actually Mary Janes, so that confuses things. And dude, I am so easily confused.

But, there should be no confusion as to this week’s poll. I want to know what you think of the latest W cover, shot by Brad Pitt himself. I’m guessing either you like it, or you don’t. I deliberately chose to give you no wiggle room, either. Waffling not allowed!


Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, Cannibals!

Saturday, October 11th, 2008
By raincoaster

Martha Stewart is my favorite felon. Not only did the woman come second in the highly competitive cell decorating contest at Camp Cupcake, but she never lets anything phase her, whether it’s hard-line questioning from District Attorneys, gooey come-ons from Conan O’Brian, or mere questions of taste.

See for yourself! Here is a snippet of Martha’s show from October a couple of years ago preparing for Thanksgiving (either she really thinks ahead or she was pandering to the Canadian viewers in hopes of obtaining long-denied permission to enter the country). Note that her mouth-watering food-themed centerpieces were fashioned from the finest fabrics, hypoallergenic stuffing material, and fresh, innocent babies.

from the Hater:

I don’t know why this video is so creepy. Well, actually, I know exactly why this video is so creepy: it features overhead shot after overhead shot of a table full of babies dressed like over-sized food products, their chubby arms and legs squirming beneath the giant foodstuffs that have become their prisons.

I suppose there are worse fates.



Listmania! Girl’s Winter Boots

Sunday, October 5th, 2008
By Glinda

Look no further for a comprehensive list of girl’s winter boots! No need for you to slave over a hundred-plus pages of shoes, I’ve done all the hard work for you!

Some of these boots are for the snow, some for rain, and some just to keep those tootsies warm. With a few exceptions, I’ve looked for a nice combination of price, fashion, and functionality. Happy boot buying!

Kamik Kids - Stomp (Youth) (Magenta) - Footwear
Kamik Kids – Stomp (Youth) These popular bright rainboots are sure to chase any rainy-day blues away! Also comes in Infant/Toddler sizes as well.

Columbia Kids - Bugabootoo (Youth) (Swiss/Isla) - Footwear
Columbia Kids – Bugabootoo (Youth) Waterproof, insulated for temps as low as -25/F, and seam-sealed construction makes this a great shoe for cold, wet weather.

Hatley Kids - Rain Boots (Toddler) (Apple) - Footwear
Hatley Kids – Rain Boots (Toddler) Completely waterproof rubber rain boot with lots of cool prints to choose from!

Khombu Kids - Hannah (Toddler/Youth) (Black) - Footwear
Khombu Kids – Hannah (Toddler/Youth) She will love the faux fur trim, and you will love how durable these boots are!

Primigi Kids - Moon (Toddler) (Black) - Footwear
Primigi Kids – Moon(Toddler) These very cute boots are expensive, but a reviewer states that if you are in a location that uses snow boots often, they are worth the price!

Sorel Kids - Powder Storm (Toddler) (Black) - Footwear
Sorel Kids – Powder Storm (Toddler/Youth) The most highly rated of all the snow boots I found, these are some high-tech, excellent boots at a good price.

Cougar Kids - Becky (Infant/Toddler) (Grape/Lilac) - Footwear
Cougar Kids – Becky (Infant/Toddler) Great boots for infants and toddlers. Easy-on and off, as well as very good sole traction to keep them from slipping.

Cougar Kids - Velocity (Toddler/Youth) (Chocolate/Pink) - Footwear
Cougar Kids – Velocity (Toddler/Youth) Another pair of easy-on boots that are a great value, these are stylish and lightweight.

Cherie Kids - 4403 (Toddler/Youth) (Red Patent) - Footwear
Cherie Kids – 4403 (Toddler/Youth) At over three-hundred dollars, this is one set of pricey boots, especially for a kid that will grow out of them. But, they are so purty, I just had to put them up.

Richter - 61.1975 (Toddler) (Misty Rose/Lavender) - Footwear
Richter – 61.1975 (Toddler) I like these warm, waterproof boots because their deep red color is a bit different than the normal pastel colors often seen in girl’s shoes.

Khombu Kids - Oslo (Toddler/Youth) Black (Sand) - Footwear
Khombu Kids – Oslo (Toddler/Youth) Stylish winter shoes that avoid the “spaceboot” look. Lacing makes it easy to tuck in even the thickest pants.

Wordless Wednesday: Yes!

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
By raincoaster

Gina Glover's YES!

by Gina Glover in the Guardian

She’ll Get By With a Little Help…

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008
By Glinda


Illustration by Maryann Johnson

Dearest readers, in case you have not yet heard, the Manolosphere’s very own Never teh Bride has shared the exciting news that she is pregnant!

Yay for NtB and the Beard!

Upon my congratulating her, she replied:

I’m collecting all of the parenting tips I can from the comment section of Teeny Manolo…hopefully I’m internalizing all the right ones!

Now we do indeed have some of the most wise and brilliant commenters here in the halls of Teeny Manolo.

So, in the interests of helping NtB out as much as possible, what are some things that you dearly wish you would have known about ahead of time when it came to pregnancy and kids?

For myself, I wish someone would have warned me about the intense sleep deprivation that occurs during the first week of a newborn’s life. I would have arranged for some outside help for my husband and myself. Because even though he took off work, we both suffered greatly from the lack of sleep. Or maybe we’re just wimps, I don’t know.

Also, the best investment a pregnant woman can make (besides prenatal vitamins and health care, of course) is a great body pillow.

What about you? Please join in the fun!

Absent-Minded Mom

Friday, August 15th, 2008
By raincoaster

What time is it? Overshare time, my friends! It’s time the ol’ raincoaster dished the dirt on her beloved Mom; and why? you ask, or perhaps you don’t but just play along, willya?

Because of this bracelet from tefsjewels on Etsy, passed along by a sharp-eyed and practical reader:

nursing bracelet

It’s designed with a charm which you move every time you nurse, so that you always know when the next feeding is due, even if the baby has been squalling like a flock of seagulls for the past ten hours straight and you’re trying to get by on two and one-half minutes sleep, a situation not unknown in households which have recently welcomed the pitter-patter of little feet. Why two of those feet never belong to a butler is one of life’s little injustices, but that’s as may be.

Should you breastfeed you can, of course, switch it from wrist to wrist. It’s flexy like that.

But what does this have to do with raincoaster’s mom? I can hear you ask or maybe not, but humour me, okay? You’ve come this far.

My mother, you see, was as absent-minded as she was over-cautious, and so as a baby I enjoyed approximately as many feedings as the entire livestock of the local zoo. If my mother had been possessed of such a piece of personal bling, I might have started life with a keener understanding of portion sizes and an easier time of it, when I finally decided to heave myself into an upright position and attempt a waddle.

Which I am sure I did only because the kitchen wasn’t going to come when I called it.

Is Pushing Really for Suckers?

Thursday, August 7th, 2008
By Glinda


I’m going to do something I’m probably going to regret and jump into the Caesarean Section vs. Natural Childbirth debate.

First, I’m going to say that I’m not for scheduling C-sections because it’s “easier” for either the doctor or the mother than going through labor. It especially makes no sense to me, as recovery times for C-sections are significantly longer and more painful than for natural childbirths.

C-Sections, although having a low mortality rate, are just not as safe as having a child naturally.

But, no one should be looked down upon because they wanted an epidural.

No woman should feel guilty, “less of a woman,” or grief because she had to have a necessary C-section instead of natural childbirth. And other women shouldn’t necessarily feel superior for having a natural childbirth, either. Neither one makes you a better or worse mother.

I think that we perform too many medically unnecessary C-sections in the US.

Yet at the same time, we cannot forget that dying during childbirth was not uncommon all that long ago.

I think there is a distinct lack of true dialogue between mothers-to-be and their healthcare providers.  I don’t know if it can be traced to a bottom-line driven healthcare system, lack of knowledge, malpractice fears, or what.  But either doctors need to listen more, or women have to be more aggressive in questioning their doctors.

Or, better yet, how about both of those?

And yes, this is coming from a woman who had a scheduled, medically necessary C-section. 

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