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Tuesday Teeny Poll

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012
By Glinda

Ach, my husband, who works in law enforcement and thus has shift work, had a major schedule change two weeks ago and I still haven’t adjusted to it! Pitiful, really.

62% of you feel that of course children have less freedom than we did back in the day.  Duh, Glinda.  Only 8% felt they had more, while 16% said it depended on the individual family, and 12% said location makes a big difference.

Today I’ve got a question about a mom of many who has been in the news lately.

Tuesday Poll!

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011
By Glinda

Because of the 3 day weekend, I decided to push the poll back to today because… Well, because I’m lazy, that’s why.

My last poll back in August asked if y’all believe in astrology, and 48% said they couldn’t help but just a little.  44% said no way, no how, and only 6% could give a rousing endorsement.  I think I have to lump myself in with the majority, but it’s probably more a case of being brainwashed about it from my younger self reading the comics section of the newspaper every day.

Today’s poll is going to address something the lovely AwesomeMom wrote in a comment:

I have always wanted to see a picture of you, but that may be too personal. I guess the worst you can do is turn me into a frog for asking.

Well, the second worst thing might be turning it into a poll question!

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, June 7th, 2010
By Glinda

bear in tent

Due to Memorial Day last week, the results for the Lost poll are a bit late.  A full fifty percent of you stated that you never even watched Lost to begin with, much less having a reaction to the series ending.  Or perhaps the reaction was simply one of relief that nobody will be talking about it any more.  Seventeen percent of you liked the ending, and only nine percent joined me in being bitter about it.   Six percent were sad their weekly ogling sessions were coming to an end, and another six claimed to be a bit befuddled as to what it all meant.

This weekend the men in my family went camping, and us girls stayed behind and enjoyed the air conditioning, as it was unusually hot for this early in the summer.  For the record, Glinda does not do camping.  I have never camped, and have absolutely no intention to ever do so, despite the pleas of my husband.  And by being home, we also managed to avoid heat exhaustion, not having access to a shower, the rumor of a bear in the vicinity, what were thought to be possibly leeches in a stream they were mucking around in, and mosquito bites.  Please explain to me how this is considered “fun.” Because anyone who thinks that kind of stuff is fun has a very different definition than mine.

Things I Hate: Baby Wipe Warmers

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010
By Glinda


Baby wipe warmer

A distant acquaintance of mine was recently waxing rhapsodic about a baby item she felt she could not do without. She was talking about her baby wipe warmer.

Say what?

I cannot think of a piece of baby gear that is more superfluous, and yes, wasteful, than the electric baby wipe warmer. I think it is a common misconception for new mothers to want “the best” for their babies, and by god, no nasty room temperature wipe is going to touch their precious kids’ bottoms! Not if they have anything to say about it!  And boy, has the Baby Industrial Complex stepped up to deliver anything and everything a mom might want, regardless of whether she actually needs it.

I often wonder how the pioneers crossing the continent would have felt about this particular motherly concern. Oh yeah, right, they didn’t even HAVE anything like baby wipes for their children, and I think they would have probably smacked us modern mothers upside the head at some of the things we worry about. I can see it now, “Tobias, we absolutely cannot cross over those mountains unless you can guarantee me I’ve got a way to warm up little Mildred’s burlap squares*!”  Not to say there aren’t some very nifty things, but a wipe warmer isn’t one of them. 

People say, but oh, my baby screams like a banshee when I wipe her bottom with a cold wipe! Newsflash! Many newborns scream like a banshee at many, many things, and being naked and exposed will do that to a person, especially one who just spent the last nine months all cozy-like curled up in the womb. Chances are it has little to do with the wipe.  The time frame for this type of response is actually very short, and not worth spending the money on a wipe warmer.  And if you have an older child that still does that, just tell them they need to suck it up.

HOWEVER, because I am nothing if not compassionate,  if you are worried that your little snookum’s poopy bum will be unable to cope with a wipe that doesn’t feel like an electric blanket, I have an eco-conscious and energy saving tip.

Use your hands to hold the wipe and/or wipes as you undress your child.  By the time you are ready to get down to business, voila!  You have gotten the wipes to a nice non booty-offending temperature.  And best of all, it cost you absolutely nothing!

*Not that I have any knowledge of what they used for wipes in the pioneer days.  It could have been old pieces of clothing, or leaves for all I know.

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, April 5th, 2010
By Glinda



Glinda’s computer decided to fall down and go boom last night, so apologies for the lateness of the Monday Poll. Because I just know that it throws off your entire Monday when there isn’t a poll.   Your coffee didn’t taste right, traffic was horrible, and you couldn’t shake off your chocolate/sugar hangover from too much Easter candy this weekend. 

Last week, almost fifty percent of you felt that Katy Perry’s red carpet outift for the Kids’ Choice Awards was a big fail, either because of the excessive boobage (twenty five percent) or because it was just plain ugly (twenty seven percent). Thirty percent of you tried and failed to be a bit more charitable about it, and a clear minority of six percent thought it was fine. I thought it was too much cleavage and ugly, so maybe I should have done a choice that included both.

Today I want to speak with you about a small but growing movement of people who are choosing to eschew soap and shampoo in favor of washing both with just plain water.  This man is currently the most visible of the group, who claim almost universally that after a period of readjustment, their skin and hair feel softer than ever.  The post is really interesting, as are the comments.

Taking “Crafty” to a Whole New Level

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
By Glinda

Placenta teddy bear

First, we had recipes that utilized the placenta.

Now, we have a teddy bear.

Supposedly, this is being marketed as a “sustainable” toy.  It is actually a kit you can order which will allow you to dry and then mold your own placenta into what is arguably a teddy bear.

I really, really wish I was kidding about this.

(via Inhabitots)

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, August 3rd, 2009
By Glinda


I asked about uniforms in public schools last week, and an overwhelming number of you, a full 78%, felt it was a great idea.  I agree.  When Target carries “uniform” clothes, then you pretty much know almost anyone can afford them.  I also went to parochial school for twelve years, and it simplified life so much to not have to worry about what I was going to wear the next day.  I think in the long run, it also saved my parents money, since those dang wool skirts I had to wear lasted for-EVER.

As far as today’s question, I want to find out how germophobic you are when it comes to your home and/or office.

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Listmania! Green Baby Products

Sunday, April 26th, 2009
By Glinda

Looking for some ways to limit your baby’s exposure to chemicals? Many people are most concerned with newborns and infants, as their body mass is so much less, making even small amounts of chemical exposure a bigger risk. I’ve got some great choices for you here.

PhotobucketFleurville Re-Run Mod Pod Changing Kit Made out of recycled plastic bottles! It has an integrated changing pad, 3 interior pockets, 1 exterior pocket, includes wipe case and adjustable, removable shoulder strap. And is totally cute, to boot!

PhotobucketBoon ModWare These BPA-free toddler utensils will make mealtime a breeze!

PhotobucketWaldorf Maple Teether Non-toxic maple made in the US makes this teether a winner!

PhotobucketKringelring Another fabulous non-toxic teething ring that also doubles as a rattle!

PhotobucketOrganic Fruit Basket Teething Toys This cute basket is made of organic Egyptian Cotton and stuffed with 100% organic cotton, so no worries about baby chewing on them!

PhotobucketPriva Snoozy Organic Cotton Waterproof Multi Use Pad A rare waterproof pad with a 100% natural cotton surface. It also features antimicrobial qualities and an allergy barrier. Use it for bassinet, crib, stroller, and changing table.

PhotobucketNaturepedic Waterproof Organic Cotton Flat Crib Pad This crib pad is all you could ever want! Waterproof, soft and breathable, 100% organic cotton fabric, and no vinyl/PVC, phthalates, or latex.

PhotobucketSwaddleDesigns Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket This very highly rated receiving blanket is the perfect weight, and especially important, the perfect size for swaddling. Comes in many different color options.

PhotobucketCalifornia Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Body Wash I’m going to go out on a limb and call pretty much every newborn “super sensitive.” California Baby makes great stuff, and Amazon actually has the lowest prices I’ve seen.

PhotobucketSeventh Generation Baby Wipes I can’t in good conscience leave out one of the most famous and best “green” products for baby. Chlorine free, fragrance free, and biodegradable. What’s not to like?

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