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Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, May 24th, 2010
By Glinda



Well, it’s no surprise to me that we have quite the literary bunch here in the Manolosphere, as forty percent of you stated you prefer to read in your downtime.  When you get downtime, that is, which doesn’t seem to be often enough, eh? The next most popular activity was watching television at sixteen percent, with just being somewhere alone followed closely at fourteen percent.  A few of you were a bunch of greedikins, who wanted to be able to choose almost all of the activites on the list, which wasn’t going to happen. Ahem, yes, I’m talking to you.

As for today, how could I not ask about one of the most talked about television shows ever to hit the airwaves?

She’s Not an Ambi-Turner, Either…

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
By Glinda

As I’ve mentioned before, my daughter has a lot of hair. So much hair that even at the tender age of six months, her hair must be contained at all times by a headband, else it falls in her eyes and hilarity definitely does not ensue. I don’t know if it is because I am used to taking care of longer hair, but I seem to be pretty good at wrangling my daughter’s unruly locks. When I am done with her, she looks somewhat like this:

rachel mcadams

Well, she doesn’t look exactly like Rachel McAdams, but her headband is appropriately placed, her hair is smooth, and she is happy.

My poor husband has yet to master the intricacies of the wh0le headband thing, and the other day when I came home from the grocery store, my poor daughter no longer looked like Ms. McAdams, but instead…


Things I Hate: Rielle Hunter GQ Photos

Monday, March 15th, 2010
By Glinda


Good lord, woman. It’s your right to do as you wish with your sex life and skeevy photo ops, but leave your daughter out of it!

And if you thought that was bad:

rielle hunter gq animals

John Edwards had better watch out! Barney seems like he’s horning in on his territory!

Cheatin’ Hearts

Thursday, December 17th, 2009
By Glinda


With all the hoopla surrounding the whole sordid affair of supposed nice-guy Tiger Woods, I can’t help but wonder what the hell he was thinking.

But to be fair, I wonder that about anyone that cheats, especially those that have children. I have always told my husband that if you feel like dipping your ahem, pen, into someone else’s ink, then just please go ahead and divorce me first. Because in my mind, if you are that unhappy in a marriage that you feel the need to cheat, then why stay married at all? Why put your entire family through that?

When the story first broke, I told my husband about Tiger sleeping with a bunch of escorts and strippers and the like. He responded in a fairly typical male Cro-Magnon way of “Yeah, you go Tiger, get it where you can” or some such drivel.

After he regained consciousness, (I kid, I kid) I gave him a stare capable of withering even the staunchest member of the He-Man Women Haters Club. “Oh really,” I said, “Then I can’t wait to see your reaction when your daughter comes to you and tells you her husband cheated on her.” His face fell. “I’m sure you will be the first to call the guy and congratulate him on his success in getting some tail.”

Well of course, when put in that perspective, cheating sounded pretty horrible to him all of a sudden. But it underscores an unfortunate mindset, and my husband is actually one of the most enlightened guys around.  I will confess that I will never understand what makes people cheat on their partners, and I say that with the inclusion of women that have affairs as well.

I truly hope that Elin Woods gets half of the $548 million she’s reputed to be looking for. I think she deserves every penny of it.

Man Attempts to Produce Breastmilk

Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009
By Glinda

Ragnar Bengtsson milkman

And all he got was some sore boobs.

Yeah, been there, done that, dude.

It seems Ragnar Bengtsson flew completely beneath my radar when it was announced that the 26 year old student was attempting to produce enough milk to breastfeed his child.  He was pumping at 3-hour intervals every day, hoping  to stimulate lactation.

I had no idea that it was even possible for men to lactate, although it is normally something that occurs when undergoing specific types of hormone therapy.  And even then, at most they produce only a drop or two, not nearly enough to feed a hungry infant.

Mr. Bengtsson began his quest for milk in order to promote a better “bonding” experience with his child and future children.  I sort of applaud his intent, if not perhaps agreeing with his method. He is quoted as saying, “Anything that doesn’t do any harm is worth trying out.”

We won’t count the sore boobs as harm, right Mr. Bengtsson?

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, October 19th, 2009
By Glinda

Balloon boy

Last week I wanted to know what you thought of Hilary Swank and her admitting that her boyfriend’s six year old son sees her naked.   From what I understand, it was both when she was in bed (uh, nice) and possibly walking around.  A full sixty-eight percent of you felt that it was very inappropriate.  Twenty percent thought that everyone should just relax.

I happen to think that especially since she is not his mom, it is highly inappropriate.  I mean, the kid is six years old, does he really need to see his dad’s girlfriend naked after she spent the night? Sorry, but yuck. 

As for today’s question, I HAVE to ask about balloon-boy and his family.  If you were sick with the flu for the past few days or under some sort of rock, here’s a link to the story.

He Definitely Put the “Dirty” in “Dancing”

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009
By Glinda

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

What young woman, or older woman for that matter, didn’t swoon when Patrick Swayze uttered those immortal words?

This has been a bad year for former teen icons, what with Patrick’s death yesterday from pancreatic cancer.

I remember “Dirty Dancing” being a bit more, uh, arousing than a lot of the other movies targeted at teens at that time.  There was something so deliciously wrong about someone as old as Johnny Castle being involved with someone as young as Baby, but that was where I got my vicarious thrill.  I was fourteen or so at the time this came out, and it was definitely one of the sexiest movies my Catholic-school bred eyes had yet to see.

I also got my thrills from watching Patrick Swayze’s fantastic physique. And even better, married and stayed married to his young sweetheart, being together for 34 years.

So let us remember Mr. Swayze in all of his former glory.  Rest in peace.

Celebrity Dad Style, Jon Gosselin: Would You Buy Lemonade From this Man?

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009
By Glinda

Jon Gosselin lemonade

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