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Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

The lovely Lizcontinues to be impressive with her knowledge of young famous people, as she again correctly guessed that our mischievous young man was basketball great Michael Jordan! Liz, I think your prize should definitely be one of those basketball hoops you see in everyone’s driveway.

PhotobucketFamousbaby18Michael Jordan

Today we have this smiling, pretty face…


Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

Congratulations to Sarahcat, for the correctly guessing last week that our dark-haired young woman was actually Courtney Love! Sarahcat, you get to choose your imaginary prize of needless plastic surgery or a raggedy pair of tights, both of which Ms. Love seems to favor.


Can you believe how wholesome she looked back then? Courtney was looking really good there for a while, back when she was trying the acting thing, but she just couldn’t quite keep it together, it seems.

As for today, this young man is a cutie for sure…


Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

Our wonderful friend Liz is on a winning streak, as she again correctly guessed that the young chap pictured in our last game was David Duchovny! Liz, your prize is either a fake FBI badge or a week’s worth of sex addiction therapy.


As for today, here is our featured young lady…


Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

Sigh, somehow I keep skipping a week between games.  I blame my absentmindedness on both there being a holiday, and the fact that I am 38 weeks pregnant.  Luckily for me and you, research has shown that the brain shrinkage that occurs in pregnant women reverses itself!

Congratulations to Sarah, who correctly guessed that our bespectacled, bowl-cut young lady was none other than Demi Moore!  Your imaginary prize is one of her husband Ashton Kutcher’s Coolpix cameras.  Or, a pottery wheel, your choice!


Today we’ve got:


Yes, he’s a bit cut off at the chin, but you get the picture…

Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

The awesome Liz managed to guess correctly from last week’s game!  The adorable tot with the big brown eyes is indeed none other than Ricky Martin.   See, I knew you would know who he was!  Liz, your prize is a pair of maracas, the better to “she-bang” with.  Er, that sounded dirtier than I meant it to be.


I want to say that today’s young gal is virtually unrecognizable, but I can see glimmers of her glam self underneath those glasses.


Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

It seems that I went much too easy on you with the last game, and dr. nic was able to instantly guess that our infamous blonde was none other than Paris Hilton. Congratulations! You’ve won a collection of crazy headbands and tiaras just like Paris loves to sport. Wear them with, uh, pride…

Photobucketfamousbaby13Paris Hilton

Today’s young boy hit his peak a while back, but you DO know who he is…


Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

Somehow, I managed to skip a week of this game, and I’m not sure how that happened.  But, we did have a winner! Congratulations go out to Jankat, who correctly guessed John Lennon.  Jankat, you receive an imaginary prize of The Beatles-Rock Band.  I’m totally jealous, BTW.

PhotobucketFamousbaby12John Lennon

Today we’ve got a famous or, depending on how you look at it, infamous blonde…


Guess the Celebrity Baby Game

Congrats to our winner Jennie, for coming out the victor in one of the toughest games yet! She had the correct guess of Jennifer Aniston, and I’m thinking her prize should perhaps be a big cup of coffee from Central Perk. Jennie, you might have gotten Brad Pitt if not for that nasty divorce!

PhotobucketFamousbaby11Jennifer Aniston

Today’s young chap is someone you all know, and I’ll wait to see what kind of guesses we get before throwing in a hint.


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