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Sunday Brunch Buffet

Because now I’m turning into a VJ, too.

Awww yeaaahh, some early eighties rock! Almost worth watching for the lead singer’s outfit alone.

Why I lurve Kelley.

Did this mom shoplift from Whole Foods, or was she just forgetful?

Home births.  Not all that safe for babies?

Dr. Phil’s house is way nicer than yours.  Or mine, for that matter…

Dude.  I can totally see the rabbit.

Passive-aggressive grandmas.  I can relate.

Family together time- geocaching!

Happy Fourth!

Not that this has a whole lot to do with the holiday, but it sure gave me a good laugh…

Sunday Brunch Buffet

Raincoaster’s got a naked Anthony Bourdain

How to keep your teens from drinking

People find blogs in the weirdest ways

Chichimama doesn’t really mourn making that last school lunch…

Marketing to kids is scary stuff

It takes a Canadian to say it so eloquently

Candy is tired

Things I Love: The World of Eric Carle Developmental Elephant*


So much to do in one compact, lightweight toy

Based on a character in the Eric Carle book Do You Want to be My Friend? I was dubious about the merits of the elephant at first. But I quickly became a convert.

This is far and away my daughter’s favorite toy, as it has many different sounds, textures, and features.   It’s got crinkles, it’s got hard teethers, it’s got textured teethers, it’s got soft teethers, a mirror, a mouse that squeaks, and a handy dandy clip that is seemingly just as much fun to chew on as everything else.

My son gave him the rather unimaginative name of Eric, as he saw the clip and figured that was his name. But, when all else fails and nothing seems to please my daughter, the magic of Eric prevails.

*This was bought as a gift from my sister.

Monday Teeny Poll

Shaving is something fifty eight percent of you could probably do without, according to last week’s poll.  There does come a time when the hair gets to possibly be a bit much, as I hit that mark probably two months after the birth of my daughter.  It was winter and I’d had a C-section, so bear-like limbs were the norm until I personally missed the feel of smooth legs.  Twenty percent said they would get rid of the hair no matter what, and eighteen percent said they would willingly stop the removal process altogether.  Think of the time you would be saving!

Today, I want your reaction to something Mel B. aka Scary Spice said on the George Lopez show recently.  If you don’t feel like watching (the quote is pretty early on) she said that one of her secrets to being fit was having sex with her husband five times a day. Five times a day?

Celebrity Dad Faceoff 2.0 “Crazy” Edition

Christian Bale crushed Antonio Banderas under the weight of his chiseled physique, winning with over seventy percent of the vote.  I can admit that Mr. Banderas is a very attractive man, but he just doesn’t ring my bell the way Bale does.  You like how I did that? Yeah, it’s Friday.  At least I tried. 

Today’s contender hails from England, and is well known around the globe for his smooth and soulful sound.  Oh, and a little thing about being married to some chick named Heidi.




“I Just Came Out of the Jacuzzi, Care for Some Mexicorn?”

Vintage Jolly Green Giant ad

Copyranter via Jezebel

Sunday Dinner Links

You know, a feverish baby and a sick mom will cause the brunch links to become dinner links… Sigh.

The Consumerist tells of a UK woman selling her breastmilk at $22 for 4 oz. I’m apparently in the wrong business.

I wish my 8th grade dance had been this awesome. Wait, I went to Catholic school.  I never got a dance.

Would you like to Dilly Dally in Pussy Park? I thought so.

Is it ever OK to let your kid quit?

The latest Toddlers n’ Tiaras recap.

Christa doesn’t like this onesie one little bit.

Willow Smith’s outfit? Raincoaster is not a fan.

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