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Don’t Drop Out of School, Kids!

Wednesday, January 19th, 2011
By Glinda


Else you might find your badly spelled internet comment being made fun of by millions!

I’m guessing that showing this video at school would be more effective at convincing students to watch what they write more than any lecture from a teacher.


Games People Play

Thursday, December 30th, 2010
By Glinda

So my family loves playing games. Or more correctly, we like competing against each other for bragging rights. We have played everything, from Pictionary to Ping Pong to bocce. We play tough, we play hard, we have absolutely no mercy. Too bad if you are having an off day or your back hurts. We will seize every advantage we can, and if you are gonna complain, don’t play.

I’m not sure where our ruthlessness comes from, but I can tell you that I am one heck of a Connect Four player due to the fact my late grandfather would never “let” anyone win, not even a 6 year old. If anyone beat him (which was rarely) it was an honest win. I will admit to proudly continuing that tradition, and I have never let the Munchkin win at anything just to soothe his ego.

We are probably at our worst when playing board/party games. Perhaps it is the proximity to our competitors, being all crammed in around a table. For whatever reason, our Italian heritage comes on full display with waving hand gestures, open-palm slaps to the forehead, and deafening yells of both triumph and defeat. My sister and I are practically unbeatable as Pictionary partners, she once guessed that I drew a dryer when I only drew a box with a circle on top. My dad almost always wins at Trivial Pursuit. My husband and I have the winning record as Scattergories partners. It gets really ugly when we play Uno. I don’t even want to talk about it.  The flashbacks!

A good time is had by all when my family bonds together over games, and that is exactly what we are doing. You really get to know a person when you play a game with them. Whether you discover a short fuse, or get an intimate earful of their highest decibel capability, it is something to remember. Of course, the most fun is winning, then you get to rub it in. At least until the next time.

Life with a Young Child

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010
By Glinda

Can kind of suck sometimes.

Yeah, there’s the adorable factor with their big eyes and chubby cheeks and cute babbling.

But sometimes the cute can only take you so far.

Then you’ve got to also contend with the thinking that running out into the street is a good idea, that everything on the floor should be shoved as quickly as possible into one’s mouth while running the opposite direction of the parent, the extreme sport that has become diapering, and complete refusal to sleep on one’s own in one’s own crib.

You know your life is pretty sad when your 8 year old will be attending a New Year’s party and spending the night at his buddy’s house while at midnight, you will be resentfully staring at your one year old who is determined to take up as many square feet as possible on your mattress.

Pity party of one, your table is now ready.

Toy Complex

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010
By Glinda

Now this is one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while…

10. Etch-a-sketch. Your child will spend hours working on a deeply meaningful artistic creation, only to have it wiped away at the slightest jostling. A psychologically devastating reminder of the ubiquity of loss and the ephemeral nature of existence. Also, no building sand castles on the beach.

And even though I’m no psychological expert, I’m going to add that Operation has got to be a major inducer of anxiety, amirite?


Glinda’s Serenity Prayer

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
By Glinda

God grant me the serenity
to accept the fact that my kids are going to drive me crazy during the winter break;
courage to actually get out of bed each morning ;
and wisdom to know the urge to book a one-way flight to Barbados will pass.


Monday Teeny Poll

Sunday, December 12th, 2010
By Glinda

16% of you say that taking children to Hooters Restaurant is not a big deal.  Apparently boobs are just boobs.  However, technically the majority is against, with 21% stating and unequivocal “no” and 45% stating a wishy-washy “no, but I can’t stop anybody else.”  Be judgemental people, it’s the American way!  As for me, I will never take a step with either my son or daughter into Hooters, which is a place that will teach them in no uncertain terms to objectify women, which is a lesson neither one of them should be learning.

Today I’m all about the holiday season and that annual favorite, the Santa photo.  And yes, I’ve already featured a Santa photo on another post, but one can never quite get enough Santa photos, in my opinion.

The Munchkinette Mix

Saturday, December 11th, 2010
By Glinda

As a Saturday bonus because I was way late in posting the CDF, I give you the Munchkinette Mix.

What exactly, Glinda, is the Munchkinette Mix, is what you are asking.

Well, we SAHM’s sometimes have to do inconsequential things like go to the bathroom. Sometimes we don’t feel like having a visitor with us in the bathroom, and so we must secure our children somewhere and make sure they stay safe and happy for however long it’s going to take. Many people put their children in a playpen and have them watch something educational, like Sesame Street. Well, I tried that, but no luck.

After much trial and error, it was discovered that the Munchkinette really, really likes music videos. She’s partial to 80’s music, but she’ll give new stuff a try. She will only tolerate one video by a female artist, but at least it’s a kickass song. So, here is some music for your weekend listening/watching pleasure, courtesty of my one year old music fanatic.

Signs You Have a Toddler at Christmas

Thursday, December 9th, 2010
By Glinda

– The tree has no decorations on the lower branches.

– Nativity scene is nowhere to be found under the tree.

– Stockings are hung by the chimney with great care that little hands cannot pull them off.

– Presents under the tree? Fuhgeddabout it.

– Ribbon may or may not have been taken out and been dragged around the house.

– Ditto wrapping paper.

– Advent calendar positioned in an unnaturally high place.

– Santa picture with upset child on his lap? Check.

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