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Friday Caption Contest: Mutton Buster Edition

Captions in the comments, paramedics on the sidelines.

Mutton Buster Busted
Passed along by Spirit Fingers

A Mom Can Dream, Can’t She?


The other day a friend and I visited the local aquarium with our kids.  Sadly, the thing that held their interest the longest was the splash park located outside.

There was a cement shark with various buttons to press that caused water to shoot from different points on the shark’s body.  The prize spot was on top, where the largest jet of water was located.  This jet sprayed more vigorously than the others, and was easily diverted by placing your hand in front of it.  This was great fun because you could cause people standing on the sides of the shark to get wet, or really any direction you wanted the water to go.  Sort of like when you put your thumb in front of a hose.

A little boy got to the top of the shark, but decided he just wanted to sit there.  Wasn’t pressing any buttons, wasn’t directing the water anywhere.  Well, playground rules dictate that if you don’t use it, you lose it, and soon other boys were climbing on and while not pushing him off, utilizing the full features of the shark.

This upset the little boy, who was whining and hitting people’s hands away from the water and the buttons.  He was easily six, if not older, so should have known a bit better than to do that.

Lately I have tried to keep out of any of the Munchkin’s interactions with other kids.  Unless someone is about to get hurt, I have vowed to have a more hands-off approach.  This is very difficult for me, but I am trying.  So, I watched this little boy having a fit and trying to push the Munchkin away as he tried to play with the water.

After the third time, the Munchkin looked at him and said, “Well, you just aren’t very nice, are you?”

The boy had nothing to say to this.  He whined some more about people playing with the water.

In his most reasonable tone of voice, the Munchkin said, “But you don’t own this. This isn’t yours to tell people what to do.  The aquarium owns this.  It isn’t the only one here either, so if you don’t like other people playing with it, you should go to a different one.”

Not being able to refute this logic, the boy got off.  Although still whining, he went somewhere else.

Do I sense a possible Ambassadorship in the Munchkin’s future?

It’s Like Apples and Oranges, Really


(Photo Credit: Jono Rotman)

There is a family next door to my parents whose son is a week older than the Munchkin.  Sometimes we get the boys together to play, and there is invariably a conversation that goes something like this:

Mom: Soooo, the Munchkin is very tall.  How tall is he?

Glinda: Uhhh, I want to say something like 45 inches, I’m not really sure.

Mom:Hmmm….  Is the Munchkin reading yet?

Glinda: Yes, yes, he’s reading.  He really likes reading.

Mom: I seeeee.  How about math?  Is he doing addition?  What about writing? Can he write his name?

Glinda: All of that, yes.

And on it goes, the sole purpose of which is to measure her son against mine.  Who’s taller?  Who can throw the ball better? Which one has the better social skills?  It’s sort of exhausting answering the seemingly endless battery of questions.

While I can understand the temptation to compare since they are so close in age, sometimes I just want to completely lie.  To say something totally outrageous and actually dare her to call me on it.

Mom: So, what kind of books is the Munchkin reading?

Glinda: Well, yesterday we finished War and Peace, which he just loved.  Now I’m thinking of starting on some Shakespeare, maybe Henry V, maybe Hamlet.  It’s so hard to tell which one he will like better.  But I think so far his favorite book has been The Republic by Plato.  He’s really into the whole just and unjust concept.  We debate it practically every night before bedtime.

That’ll teach her.


The World According to Glinda


Anyone that knows me knows that Glinda does not do camping. Not that I have anything against people that do. I am sure there are some very enjoyable things about it. I just never really intend to find out.

Of course, as luck would have it, I had a son. A son, it turns out, who thinks camping is the Best. Thing. Ever. Granted he’s only done it once so far, but he is simply enamored of the entire concept. From sleeping in a tent, to the campfire, to peeing on a tree, he’s all over it.

The idea of camping just makes me shudder. The bugs! The lack of showering facilities! The non-bed aspect! I just can’t wrap my mind around why someone would want to actually do that and yet call it a vacation.

Luckily for the Munchkin, his father has camped many times (before we started dating, anyway) and thinks it is a nice family bonding time. Unfortunately, he thinks that family bonding time should include me as well. Not a month goes by that he tries to guilt trip me into going with them, labeling me a bad mommy who won’t share in her son’s interests.

Listen, Glinda likes nature. She has absolutely nothing against nature at all. She just prefers to experience it from a balcony while sipping her tea, wrapped up in a comfy robe.

Is that so wrong?

Friday Caption Contest: Blueberry Boy Edition

This debonair young man belongs to the blog PrettyFlyForABabyGuy, where he shows off several of his finest food-based looks. Is that Blueberry Steel?

Blueberry War Paint

This Will Not End Well

Baby Sumo may have second thoughts about career

Betcha didn’t know the words for “Stage Mother” are the same in Japanese.

Blame the Mom

Ah, remember the Fifties? When everything was Mom’s fault? And the Sixties, and the Seventies, and the … you get the picture. At some point, however, don’t you have to say, “No, maybe Mom is not exactly June Cleaver, nor Wonder Woman, but might it not be possible that Junior here is just a complete twerp on his own merits?”

Because, you know, Junior here is just a complete twerp on his own merits.

From the original poster on YouTube:

HOW IT ALL STARTED- Some boy named Noah complains that he was trying to get his mom’s attention by poking her arm. His mom gets angry and jabs him back very slightly to tell him to wait… He gets pissed and gets a boo- boo for like 20 minutes… Then they argue on national television for nothing. After intense violence and warfare, Noah slaps his mother across the face… What do you think of this matter? Please respond. Ironically, I think it’s the mother’s fault and other elements that kids are exposed to daily. (School, Media, TV, ect.) However, this child needs to learn respect using his common sense. He has gotten into lots of trouble too. It is quite obvious he is abused and that his family is distorted. He has a single mom and his sister died of cancer. He complains his mother hits and abuses him and then denies it. He and his mother have been fighting for years. Noah has also claimed that he has called the Child Protection Services because of physical abuse. THIS IS THE MOTHER’S FAULT!

Is it, now? Well, I suppose she DID get pregnant in the first place.

The First of Many, I’m Sure…


The phone rang, and I automatically glanced at the LCD display to see who it was. Don’t we all?

Oh, a mom friend of mine, one whose daughter is in the Munchkin’s class. Fabulous! What gossip does she have to dish out to me today?

Instead of mom, though, I hear a rather breathless, “Hello, this is Cutest Little Girl in the World and is the Munchkin home and may I speak with him?”

Thrown for a bit of a loop, I walk over to where the Munchkin is sitting. He is engrossed in his newest obesssion, which is an old Scooby-Doo movie where Scoob and the gang meet Batman. I think he pretty much has all the lines memorized at this point.

I hand him the phone with a chirpy, “You have a phone call!”

And ever the clueless male, he continues to watch the television until I make him pause it. He then chatters rather aimlessly for about a minute and a half, and they hang up. Something about chocolate chip cookies was communicated, that I know for sure. The rest is anyone else’s guess.

So he says goodbye and hangs up the phone. Instantly, he turns the television back on. No big deal. Just a blip on his radar screen.

And all I can think to myself is awwwwwwww, he just got his first phone call from a girl!


Oh crap! He just got his first phone call from a girl!

I am so not ready for this!

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