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Teeny Manolo » Boy Shoes http://teenymanolo.com Celebrating the Joys of Parenting and Childhood Wed, 22 Jul 2015 01:15:06 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=4.2.15 Puddle Jumping http://teenymanolo.com/2013/01/23/puddle-jumping/ http://teenymanolo.com/2013/01/23/puddle-jumping/#comments Wed, 23 Jan 2013 13:45:39 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=8353 I know, it’s still the middle of winter, much of the country is covered in a blanket of snow, and it’s 50 below in Minneapolis, but I can’t help it, I’ve been thinking about springtime rain boots for kids. In a month or two, the weather will warm up, the snow will be gone, and there will be more puddles than you can shake a soggy stick at. So, you’ll need rain boots, right? And since everything is done online, shopping for children’s clothes is no longer a chore.

In fact, a quick trip to Macy’s kid shoes department website shows that I’m behind the times. Simple rainboots have been replaced by thematic rain ensembles, which to my mind, means more fun in the outdoors.

Fairy Rain Set from Kidorable

For example, I especially love this Fairy Collection set, with rain boots, umbrella, and slicker from Kidorable . In green, it is too cute for words, and is exactly the sort of thing that most little girls will love to death. Look at it! Even the clothes hanger is super cute!

Dragon and Knight Rain Set
For the boys, also from Kidorable, here’s everything needed for a dragon-slaying knight, rain boots, rain coat, backpack/shield and umbrella (check out the handle on that

And if that doesn’t do the trick, there’s also a fireman, and a butterfly, and a ballerina. Puddle jumping just got a whole lot more fun.

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Sneaker Pimp http://teenymanolo.com/2010/08/18/sneaker-pimp/ http://teenymanolo.com/2010/08/18/sneaker-pimp/#comments Wed, 18 Aug 2010 04:48:56 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=5978 Back-to-school shopping, I hate it.

I have to wander the aisles at Target with my little pre-printed list, wondering why they don’t carry white board erasers, and then wondering some more why I need to buy four of them.

We also had to purchase shoes, and made the trek to a couple of stores, only to find a horrible selection.  And then amongst that horrible selection, hardly any of the shoes were my son’s size, which happens often. He must have been born in some sort of baby boomlet year, because it seems every time I try to buy him clothes or shoes, they are out of his size.

So, I decided to go to Zappos and see what they had there.  They had a much better selection than the stores, and being the magnanimous mother that I am, I allowed my son to choose his own shoes. 

Imagine my surprise when he told me he had found his pair and I looked at them on the monitor.

Here they are:

Your eyes are not deceiving you.  Those are indeed gold sneakers.

Briefly, I pondered what his choice meant, and how it reflected up0n me, but then decided it reflected more upon him and his desire to be cool and “different.”

Once school starts, we’ll see if being “different” gains him accolades or finds him eating alone at the lunch tables.

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Things I Love: Jack and Lily Shoes* http://teenymanolo.com/2010/05/04/things-i-love-jack-and-lily-shoes/ http://teenymanolo.com/2010/05/04/things-i-love-jack-and-lily-shoes/#comments Tue, 04 May 2010 19:50:02 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=5451 Recently I came across Jack and Lily shoes at a retail store, and I have to say, I really like them.   The “Original” designs are a bit like Robeez, but seemingly better made.  The “My Shoes” line for infants and toddlers is also uber-cute.  They are similar in price to Robeez, made in Canada, and as a big bonus, are machine washable.  Here are a few of my favorites…

Jack and Lily flying dragon
Jack and Lily baby whale

Jack and Lily dragon
Jack and Lily Daisy navy

*I was given no compensation for this review. I shelled out my own dough for these shoes.

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Salt Water Sandals for the Teeny Persons http://teenymanolo.com/2010/04/07/salt-water-sandals-for-the-teeny-persons/ http://teenymanolo.com/2010/04/07/salt-water-sandals-for-the-teeny-persons/#comments Wed, 07 Apr 2010 19:45:04 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=5293 Manolo says, our friend Glinda has been prevented from posting for the few days by the computer explosion (at least that was how it was described to the Manolo), and so the Manolo has deigned to come down from his exalted publisher perch at the top of the Manolosphere corporate pyramid to lend the hand at the Teeny Manolo.

And the best way the Manolo can lend the hand is by suggesting summery shoes for your little peoples, and the Manolo can think of few better summery little people shoes than the Salt Water Sandals from Hoy.

Original Salt Water Sandals in Fuscia by Hoy Shoes

Here is the Original Salt Water Sandal in the superty cuteity fuscia color for your girl.

And for your boy…

Salt Water Sandals for Boys

The muy macho Surfer Salt Water Sandal in the very masculine navy color.

The best thing about these sandals, aside from their very cuteness, is that they are completely waterproof, meaning that your hand-in-hand stroll on the beach will not ruin them.

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The Littlest Dandy http://teenymanolo.com/2009/11/12/the-littlest-dandy/ http://teenymanolo.com/2009/11/12/the-littlest-dandy/#comments Thu, 12 Nov 2009 11:27:07 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=4739 Oh yes, it’s our favorite young dandy, Arlo Weiner!  He’s back at GQ with some super fantastic fall fashion advice.

Let’s take a peek at his latest sartorial offerings:

Arlo Weiner fall1

I love the color coordination on this outfit.

Arlo Weiner fall2

Mad Hatter meets mod.

Arlo Weiner fall3

All aboard the fashion train!

Arlo Weiner fall4

Would you care for a virgin cocktail?

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You Almost Forget He’s Sort of a Douchebag http://teenymanolo.com/2009/10/27/you-almost-forget-hes-sort-of-a-douchebag/ http://teenymanolo.com/2009/10/27/you-almost-forget-hes-sort-of-a-douchebag/#comments Wed, 28 Oct 2009 03:21:04 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=4680 Jude Law and sons

When you see him with his kids. And aren’t they handsome?

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Listmania! Back to School Shoes for Boys http://teenymanolo.com/2009/08/02/listmania-back-to-school-shoes-for-boys/ http://teenymanolo.com/2009/08/02/listmania-back-to-school-shoes-for-boys/#comments Sun, 02 Aug 2009 11:55:18 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=4099 It seems that boys go through shoes more quickly than girls. I don’t know if it’s because they are in the dirt more, or in the case of my own son, just sort of like destroying them on their own for no good reason.

One day at the end of the school year he came home from school and had no shoelaces on one shoe. This despite the fact that he had left the house with two perfectly good shoes. Unfortunately, they were the kind of shoes that have self-enclosed shoelaces, so without them, the shoe was useless. No amount of wheedling, threatening, or bribing would induce him to tell me what happened to those laces. It remains a mystery to this very day.

So, like me, in case you need some replacement shoes for the fall, here are some suggestions.

Sperry Kids - Anchor HL (Youth) (Black) - Footwear

Sperry Kids – Anchor HL
Who said stylish and school can’t go together?

Vans Kids - Classic Slip-On (Toddler/Youth) ((TM Plaid 09) Espresso/Blue Moon) - Footwear
Vans Kids – Classic Slip-On.  These never go out of style, do they?

Converse Kids – Chuck Taylor All Star Slip
Converse Kids – Chuck Taylor All Star Ox
.  With or without laces, it’s their choice.

Merrell Kids - Jungle Moc (Toddler/Youth) (Gunsmoke) - Footwear
Merrell Kids – Jungle Moc These tough shoes will take him anywhere!

PhotobucketNike Kids – T-run II ALT Shoes that look great and feel great too!

PhotobucketSchool Issue – Scholar These quality shoes are at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

PhotobucketTsukihoshi Kids – Euro These are some cool kicks!

PhotobucketConverse Kids – Chuck Taylor All Star Hi Yes, the hi-tops are still a favorite.

PhotobucketDC Kids – Pure These skate shoes were given high ratings for style.

PhotobucketStride Rite – TT Transporter A sturdy, versatile shoe.

PhotobucketTimberland Kids – Carlsbad Slip-On It will take a lot for him to destroy these!

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Theo and his Sugar Mommy http://teenymanolo.com/2009/07/09/theo-and-his-sugar-mommy/ http://teenymanolo.com/2009/07/09/theo-and-his-sugar-mommy/#comments Thu, 09 Jul 2009 21:44:22 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=3868 Theo Vickers is a good-looking boy, and he knows it: profiled in a lavish full-page article in Britain’s Daily Mail, he vamps for the camera with the offhand charisma of a natural aristocrat. Sophie, on the other hand, is a simple part-time admin worker from Tyne and Wear who’s lost both her head and most of her bank account to Theo’s seductive charms. Strangely, Sophie’s partner, a quiet carpet-layer by trade, has no issue with Sophie’s spending £17,000 on clothes and toys for Theo, including £4000 in shoes alone.

Theo is, it must be noted, their son.

Theo and Sophie's first fashion shoot

From the Daily Mail:

He already has 40 pairs of trousers, 40 pairs of shorts, three leather jackets and 40 T-shirts – all from designer brands.

Miss Vickers admitted: ‘Theo is spoilt. Just one pair of my favourite shoes for him, baby Doc Martins, can cost £120, but I can afford it so why not?

‘Buying things for Theo gives me pleasure.’

She added: ‘It doesn’t mean he won’t know I have to work to give him a good life.’

It is not clear how Miss Vickers, who is a part-time administrative assistant from Tyne and Wear, and her carpet fitter partner Chris, 25, can afford such a lavish approach to parenthood.

Psychologist Dr Funke Baffour said she was stunned at Miss Vickers’ behaviour.

She added: ‘The baby has become a trophy. It’s about how Sophie’s feeling, not the baby who doesn’t know or care if his shoes are designer.

‘Spoiling a child means they don’t learn what life’s really about. She’s setting him up for failure, even at this early stage.’

Miss Vickers is planning to throw Theo a huge first birthday party with fifty guests and plans to spend hundreds on presents for him including a quad bike and trampoline.

She said: ‘I’m always going to want to give Theo everything. Chris would like another child, but I’m not sure. If I had more kids I wouldn’t be able to lavish so much on Theo.’

True, dat.

word to your mother

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It’s the Great Sneaker, Charlie Brown! http://teenymanolo.com/2009/06/24/its-the-great-sneaker-charlie-brown/ http://teenymanolo.com/2009/06/24/its-the-great-sneaker-charlie-brown/#comments Wed, 24 Jun 2009 21:28:11 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/?p=3728 Peanuts New Balance

Because life would simply not be complete without a sneaker that features Linus in the pumpkin patch, right?

New Balance is teaming with the Peanuts gang for a series of shoes to be released this October, natch.

I have to say I’m dubious about the success of this line. The current generation of children does not view the Peanuts as any sort of cultural touchstone like those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. Who amongst us doesn’t remember the special privilege of getting to stay up late to watch all of the Peanuts “television events,” with that cool multi-colored, spiralling “SPECIAL” that would twirl it’s way around your screen? And the very important-sounding music that accompanied it?

Sadly, I don’t think kids such as my son will even be slightly interested in wearing these shoes, and they will only be made in children’s sizes.

I think New Balance is missing their main market, hipsters and nostalgic Gen X’ers.

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Super Shoes http://teenymanolo.com/2009/05/20/super-shoes/ http://teenymanolo.com/2009/05/20/super-shoes/#comments Wed, 20 May 2009 20:14:42 +0000 http://teenymanolo.com/2009/05/20/super-shoes/ Today’s shoes are brought to you by Wham-O!  Yes, the same company that brought you hula hoops and frisbees now brings you the newest in shoe technology based on the Super Ball.

Yes, you read that right.

It seems that Stride Rite, not being content to let Nike and New Balance get the lion’s share of air-cushioning/levitating fame, is now featuring kid’s shoes with Super Balls in the heels.  Well, of course not really the actual balls, but the synthetic material dubbed Zectron by the inventor that was used in their making.

Original Super Balls from 1965-66 were able to be dropped from a building and would bounce almost all the way back up.   If thrown down, it would exceed the height of the building on the way back up.  I find that both awesome and scary.  Sadly, there are hardly any Super Balls left in the world, although there are many imitators.

But now, your kids can have that very same material on their feet! Imagine the damage they could do on the basketball court!

Do you think it’s just a bunch of hype, or might there be something to this Zectron stuff after all?

Stride Rite - SuperBall Zoom (Toddler) (Navy/Mandarin/White) - Footwear
Stride Rite – SuperBall Zoom

Stride Rite - Superball Quick Close (Toddler/Youth) (Silver/Begonia/Creamsicle) - Footwear

Stride Rite – Superball Quick Close (Toddler/Youth)

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