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Suits Me

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009
By raincoaster

So I’m hopelessly old-fashioned. So I went to boarding school and have yet to fully recover (my therapist is working on it). So Michael Lewis will never marry me.

Michael Lewis will never know what he's missing

Le sigh.

So what? I am not too old to lose my heart to a well-dressed young man, and if I have to be the sugar mommy I couldn’t do better than these dapper outfits, which are less than half-price at the Brooks Brothers Boy’s Department right now:

Seersucker Prep Jacket Seersucker Prep Jacket

Cotton Junior Nested Suit Cotton Junior Nested Suit

Martha’s Vineyard, Hollaback!

Liar's Poker

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MIA and Son, Twinsies!

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009
By Glinda



Oh yes she did.

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Theo and his Sugar Mommy

Thursday, July 9th, 2009
By raincoaster

Theo Vickers is a good-looking boy, and he knows it: profiled in a lavish full-page article in Britain’s Daily Mail, he vamps for the camera with the offhand charisma of a natural aristocrat. Sophie, on the other hand, is a simple part-time admin worker from Tyne and Wear who’s lost both her head and most of her bank account to Theo’s seductive charms. Strangely, Sophie’s partner, a quiet carpet-layer by trade, has no issue with Sophie’s spending £17,000 on clothes and toys for Theo, including £4000 in shoes alone.

Theo is, it must be noted, their son.

Theo and Sophie's first fashion shoot

From the Daily Mail:

He already has 40 pairs of trousers, 40 pairs of shorts, three leather jackets and 40 T-shirts – all from designer brands.

Miss Vickers admitted: ‘Theo is spoilt. Just one pair of my favourite shoes for him, baby Doc Martins, can cost £120, but I can afford it so why not?

‘Buying things for Theo gives me pleasure.’

She added: ‘It doesn’t mean he won’t know I have to work to give him a good life.’

It is not clear how Miss Vickers, who is a part-time administrative assistant from Tyne and Wear, and her carpet fitter partner Chris, 25, can afford such a lavish approach to parenthood.

Psychologist Dr Funke Baffour said she was stunned at Miss Vickers’ behaviour.

She added: ‘The baby has become a trophy. It’s about how Sophie’s feeling, not the baby who doesn’t know or care if his shoes are designer.

‘Spoiling a child means they don’t learn what life’s really about. She’s setting him up for failure, even at this early stage.’

Miss Vickers is planning to throw Theo a huge first birthday party with fifty guests and plans to spend hundreds on presents for him including a quad bike and trampoline.

She said: ‘I’m always going to want to give Theo everything. Chris would like another child, but I’m not sure. If I had more kids I wouldn’t be able to lavish so much on Theo.’

True, dat.

word to your mother

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Put a lid on it

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009
By raincoaster

I’m a busy girl. Seriously, busy, busy, busy. Between picking the gladiolas out of the altar flowers before Plumcake notices and downloading the dirty bits of Hugh Jackman movies, I have hardly any free time at all. This is why I have a slight blogging backlog; indeed, sometime around 13 or 14 months ago, Glinda challenged me to dig up a hat the Munchkin would tolerate for more than the time it took for him to undo the knot under his chin.

I admit to you, I have failed. I even suggested a real Cavalry Hat, but I guess without the pony to go with it, the ten gallon was just a half-pint. Soooooo… I’m basically going to circle and poke at the Munchkin until we strike the acceptable Hattitudes.

So, here we go. Wish me luck:

Aloha, Grampa

Automatically eliminated: any hat that looks like he stole it off the stiffening corpse of Bing Crosby. Because I want it!

I am the walrus's offspring?
Also eliminated: anything that gives the impression he was conceived at a rave. Don’t get me wrong: I love my Syd Barrett as much as anyone, I just think there’s a time and place and when you’re sitting in a stroller, not old enough to drink coffee, it’s not time yet.

is he a Black Hat or a White Hat tho?

Better: a subtle hat with funky details although black might get a little toasty in semi-desert climes like Californistan.

I've got news for you boy!
Seriously, WHAT is this kid’s problem? He looks wicked cool in that snappy newsboy, and it’s even big enough to provide some shade! Buck up and think of the millions you’ll make selling the Chronicle…uh, Newsweek? Uh, pirated Fark printouts?
If it's good enough for the boy scouts it's good enough for you
How about an authentic pith helmet in cool camo, featherweight and breathable, and custom-made for the Boy Scouts? Come on, if it’s good enough for the Boy Scouts, it’s good enough for me. Sadly, I fear the Playground Peer Pressure Police are dreadfully behind the times and might kick up a fuss. Don’t they know Chanel said after twenty years, anything’s a classic? And at least this hat will never make you look like you fell off the back of a 4×4.
Still with me? I’m serious here: why do I suddenly feel like a Uniform Fetishist’s Version Of The Mom In About a Boy and don’t answer that? Look: It’s got a decent brim to keep the sun and rain off, it’s a nice neutral colour, not as costumey as a cowboy hat, and it’s excellent quality workmanship and materials, so it will last almost as long as your child’s resentment of you for making him wear a hat in the first place.

Whatever you think of my picks, do take my advice on one thing: do NOT play with the Village Hat Shop Virtual Hat Try-On-Inator. Because there goes four solid hours…

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Stella McCartney Designs for Gap

Thursday, June 11th, 2009
By Glinda


Oh, you say, yet another pairing of a large retailer with a hot fashion designer?  Famous designers Isaac Mizrahi, Proenza Schouler, Viktor and Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, and Proenza Schouler have all teamed up with various clothing stores to produce specialty clothing lines.

But this time it’s strictly for kids!

Stella McCartney, formerly creative director of Chloe, now has her own collections walking down the runway.  And she’s signed on to produce an exclusive line for GapKids and BabyGap, due in selected stores in November of this year.  She has three kids of her own, so at least we aren’t talking about someone who has no idea how infant clothing works.  Or should work, anyway, as in easy diaper access! I don’t care how cute the thing is, if I can’t quickly get to the diaper, the article simply won’t be worn often.

Stella is also known for being eco-friendly with many of her perfume, beauty, and shoe lines, so we’ll see if she includes any organic cotton in the mix.  I have a feeling she will. And if you’re wondering, that’s a Stella-designed T-shirt that Sir Paul is wearing in the picture above.

Here’s what Paul’s daughter has to say about children’s clothing:

“For years now I’ve wanted to create a collection for kids, it’s something I’ve often been asked about. I believe that this one-off collaboration will be a great way for customers to be able to participate in the Stella McCartney brand. I believe that kids clothing should be more accessibly priced, which is particularly important at the moment given the current climate. It’s really exciting for us to do a boys and girls collection for the first time.”

Amen, sister!  Although Stella McCartney’s and my idea of “accessibly priced” might be a wee bit different seeing as how she grew up with a gazillionaire as a father, I’m still really interested to see what the clothes will look like.

Complete Shirt

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009
By raincoaster

We’re getting awfully shirty around here lately, and can you blame us, with some of the monstrosities out there? In the spirit of Glinda’s recent posts on dreadful pregnancy tees and haircuts that would work better on tattooed hipsters than innocent children, we bring you these children’s shirts of appalling, nauseating, toe-curling, diabetes-inducing sweetness.

Seriously, they make Cornify look like Nine Inch Nails.

Let us examine only the unicorn offerings; just as with those infamous haircuts, these would be far better on a grown post-punk bassist than on some poor child, whose innate cuteness could never be a match for these masterworks, ripped (apparently) from the sides of the vans of the gayest men who ever discoed their way through the Seventies. And printed on texture-printed cotton tees.

Rainbow Unicorn

Feast your eyes on the magnificence of the Mountain Rainbow Unicorn Tee!

Secret unicorn tee

The Secret Unicorn Tee (not so secret when you wear that around the schoolyard, eh? This really shouldn’t be worn by anyone less butch than Steve Irwin)

Sunlit Unicorn Tee
You can almost hear the Jethro Tull when you pull the inspiring Sunlit Unicorn Tee over some poor little kid’s head. He’ll be the envy of your old D&D buddies for sure!

Kingdom of the Unicorns
Welcome to the Kingdom of the Unicorns! Say hi to Aslan for me!

Mystical Unicorn
I have a sneaking suspicion the Mystical Unicorn is really just some ordinary horse with a fountain behind him. Those photographers are a tricksy bunch!

Majestic unicorn
and, for the teen who hasn’t yet gotten parental permission to get the unicorn of her choice inked into her left shoulder, right hip, or inside ankle, there’s the Majestic Unicorn tank, which I would really much rather see on Madonna with her veins popping out, or perhaps Joan Collins, with leather pants and killer heels. Because why not? She’s Joan Collins; like anyone’s going to say boo to her!

The way they look is the bad news; the good news is, they’re on sale at less than half price, anywhere from $8-$16, and come up to size 16, which most hipsters can fit into, since they only consume calories in the form of espresso and microbrewed beer anyway. So if you have to suddenly outfit your local ageing Hollywood legend, or They Might Be Giants suddenly turns up half-naked in your yard, you’ve got it covered.

Friday Caption Contest: Pure Magic Edition

Saturday, May 16th, 2009
By raincoaster

My new favorite blog, Awkward Family Photos, is an unending treasure chest of delights, sort of like Mary Poppins’ bag or Mister Dressup’s Tickle Trunk, only with other people’s families in it instead of props and costumes. I can already sense that it will become a regular source of thieved material for the Friday Caption Contest.

In homage to my own light-fingered lifting of the following image, we present a posse of prestidigitators for your perusal:

It's magic!

The World’s Most Fashionable 8 Year Old Tells You What to Wear

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
By Glinda

Yes, once again GQ interviews the style-obsessed Arlo Weiner for his sartorial tips on warm weather dressing.

Let it also be known that my six year old has begun taking a fledgling interest in clothing, insisting that every time he wears a polo shirt that the collar must be popped. This ususally prompts someone other than myself to tell him his collar should be down, but this has yet to deter him.


One of Arlo’s suggestions is that shorts are to be avoided, unless it’s really, really hot. Like, in his words “Palm Springs” hot in the summer, which places the average temperature around 110F.

I may have to disagree with Arlo on this one. I can’t imagine the Munchkin running around in the summer in anything but shorts. Anything else would invite heat stroke.


Arlo also advocates wearing black pants with a classic white or blue button down shirt “with the top button open. You still look good but it lets the air in.”

Arlo, bless his heart, must have a very high heat tolerance.


“A seersucker suit is great in summer. It’s a way to be fancy without being hot. ”

Finally, something I agree with! I am a big fan of seersucker, an often tragically overlooked fabric. Anyone who has ever worn seersucker knows how cool it keeps you. And while most boys I know may or may not wear a fabulous seersucker suit, they can certainly wear a cute button-down as a compromise.

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