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Happy Earth Day!

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009
By Glinda


Is Earth Day a bunch of propaganda, or just a nice way to remind ourselves that we need to take care of the planet instead of polluting it?

I’m in the latter camp, and I try as much as I can to do my part by saving water, recycling, using as many green products as I can, and cutting down on my family’s waste and consumption.

My secret shame, though, is that I can’t seem to give up the fifteen minute showers.  I mean, hey, I’ve got really long hair, it takes a while to shampoo and condition that stuff!  Excuses aside, no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get my shower under fifteen minutes. 

You can go here to view some great Earth Day activities for kids, one of which includes watching or reading Dr. Suess’ The Lorax with your kids. Or go here to see some events that might be happening in your neck of the woods!

And if you like, share your favorite “green” tip with us!

My favorite is using recycled materials to make your own drip irrigation system, such as the one found here.  Not only are you recycling, it really cuts down on the water you use for your plants, while at the same time delivering them enough to thrive!

No more of Dora?

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
By raincoaster

What say you all: poor-role-modeling, licentious hussy or wholesome growing girl?

Untitled by Q U i N N Y&C 0 U T U R e =L U V on

As word got out that a makeover was coming to show Dora exploring growing up, fears that the wholesome little force of nature would turn into some kind of animated Paris Hilton Bratz doll escalated. I can’t see what all the fuss was about; yes, those are leggings, but they’re not from the Lindsay Lohan line. Yes, the top is too short for a dress, but it’s got the leggings so it’s okay. Yes, the clothes are a little tight in places, but there not House of Dereon trashy. Yes, her ears are pierced, but where I grew up all the Catholic girls got it done at 6 and all the Protestants spent the next ten years begging their mothers to let them, before being solemnly driven to the mall for the ceremony at the age of 16 (and not before, young lady!).

In fact, the only quibble I have (and it is a large one) is that neither in this universe nor in any animated alternative does turquoise go with royal purple.

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, March 23rd, 2009
By Glinda


Dearest readers, world economies are in the dumps, unemployment is high, and populist rage is, well, all the rage.

This week, the poll is all about you.

Monday Teeny Poll

Monday, March 16th, 2009
By Glinda


Last week’s burning question was about which decade of fashion you liked best, starting with the 1920’s and going up to present day. The 1940’s and 1950’s were in a virtual dead heat, with 32% and 33% of the vote, respectively. The next most popular decade was the 1920’s, far behind with only 9%.

The decade which recieved the most hate? The 1980’s, with a big fat ZERO percent of the vote. Hey, we all thought we were pretty stylin’ back then, what with our flourescent socks and cuffed pants. Er, at at least I did, anyway. Not even a smidgen of love for the 80’s makes Glinda a tiny bit sad.

We’ve been featuring a lot of Barbie lately, what with her 50th birthday and all. But, I really want to know what you secretly think of Ms. Barbara Millicent Roberts.

Watching the Watchmen…on Saturday Morning!

Sunday, March 15th, 2009
By raincoaster

Even Batman, that existentially torn antihero, had his own Saturday morning cartoon. In a world where the Dark Knight can coexist with Shaggy and Scoob, what would the great Entertainment Machine make of The Watchmen? Expect the following in two or three years, once the toy action figure and DVD sales have slowed.

In case that video doesn’t work (the Watchmen are a touchy bunch!) we present the following, for your uh enjoyment? The littlest Scotsman singing “Donald, Where’s Yer Troosers” among other classic ditties:

Did Shirley Temple Start This Way?

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009
By raincoaster

Attention, stage parents everywhere! Your sprog has yet another chance to make up for your own inadequacies by prancing in front of uncaring ad executives for an opportunity to enter the glamorous world of professional entertainment:

The Potty Dance

Details on the soul-crushing, future-adolescence-blighting contest here. Via MomFuse.

A Black Eye for Nickelodeon

Monday, March 9th, 2009
By raincoaster

Hey guys, take a look at the fabulous list of family-friendly nominees for Nickelodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards:

Nickelodeon's kids choice awards nominees

Midlife Crisis Barbie

Thursday, March 5th, 2009
By raincoaster

She’s turned 50. She’s gone through more careers than you and I have had hot dinners, worn and worn out more evening gowns and trendy separates than any real woman this side of Ivana Trump. She’s seen it all in her half-century, done most of it, and has the scrapbooks to prove it.

Now what?

Tattoo Barbie.

Yes, for the second time (the first attempt, in 1999, was heartily rejected by the market) Barbie is getting some ink, and this time, she can share it with your little girl!

She comes with a set of tattoo stickers, which can be placed anywhere on her body.

The set also has a tattoo gun that’s similar to a water gun, so kids can stamp tattoos on her clothes and themselves.

Mattel says the tattoos for kids are temporary and wash off…

Mattel says they have no plans to discontinue the doll saying she gives girls a chance to express themselves and be creative.

Once. And then regret it for the rest of their lives.

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