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Adrenaline Rush | Teeny Manolo

Adrenaline Rush

So, the Manolo has kindly allowed me use of this forum to discharge/vent/release parenting something or other.


Had quite the scare the other day.  The #3 child was taking a bath (3 years old) while I dealt with the other three.  Walking by the bathroom I did not hear any noise so I jokingly yelled”Hey, you’re not dead in there are you?”.  No response.  “Hey!”  “ANYDMAN!”   Nothing still.

Went into the bathroom and opened the door to the tub.  There he was, floating motionless in tub.  My heart went into overdrive and I grabbed his arm and started yelling.  He immediately started yelling and crying because who wouldn’t if you were quietly TAKING A NAP FLOATING ON YOUR BACK IN A BATHTUB!  The stupid kid (who has taken swim lessons since he was 6 weeks old) was tired and so comfortable in the water that he just laid back and fell asleep floating in the water.  Scared the hell out of me and subsequently scared the hell out of him.

There is not much takeaway from this except maybe don’t let your kids take baths if they are tired.  Several people told me that I should not let him bathe alone but I think that for a kid that is almost four, not such a big deal.  Still, hoo-boy.  That was a  cardio workout for me.

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