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If You Want to Eat Really Healthy… | Teeny Manolo

If You Want to Eat Really Healthy…

Then don’t come to any parties at my house.


I saw the title of an article that said, “How to Have a Healthier Dinner Party” which of course I didn’t even glance at.

Because to me, a party is all about eating something different than you normally would. Something special, maybe a little decadent.

Of course if there is some sort of dietary restriction going on, then accomodations are immediately made and taken into account in the meal planning.

I have a former friend (our sons no longer go to school together, and so all have drifted apart) who was so into healthy eating that for her son’s 8th birthday party, she had unbuttered popcorn, and grapes as appetizers.  I think she did have a cake, but I was surprised that she couldn’t let go just a little bit for her son’s friends, not all of whom eat like triathletes in training.

Will I have some healthy options? Of course.  Not everything will be drenched in butter or filled to the brim with fat calories.

But will the whole meal be about being perfectly healthy and fat free?


I’ll save that for every other day.

I’ve never left a party gushing about how amazingly healthy all the dishes were.  Maybe I’m weird.

Hmpfh, no wonder she and I are no longer friends!

One Response to “If You Want to Eat Really Healthy…”

  1. marvel November 29, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Ha! I’m with you. I think I used 4 sticks of butter or more in our complete Thanksgiving meal. Maybe 5 or 6, now that I remember the pie crusts (yes, plural). I figure 1) it’s only twice a year (Thanksgiving and Christmas) and 2) we don’t eat it all at once, but spread out over several days, so it’s not that much butter per person per meal and 3) my kids are growing growing growing and fat is good for brain development. Really! and 4) we don’t have active health issues that necessitate a more (um, responsible) diet. :)

    But if we were having guests who might be concerned about things, it would only be thoughtful, considerate and polite to offer a variety of choices that fit within the guests’ parameters.