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Things I Hate: “Final Score” License Plate Frames | Teeny Manolo

Things I Hate: “Final Score” License Plate Frames

It’s totally irrational, I freely admit it.

But it annoys me to no end to see a family dynamic that is fairly uncontrollable (unless possibly adopting a particular sex) played out as competition.

The one up in the picture I can sort of live with, but I saw one today that caused me a fair amount of rage.

Instead of a simple boys vs. girls, it had “Boys 2, Princess 1.”


Let’s not show any favoritism here or anything.  Nothing like letting everyone in the Southern California region know that you think your daughter is a cute, adorable princess and your boys are just, well, boys.  Whatever.

Now if it had said “Princes 2, Princess 1″ I would have been totally fine with it.

Perhaps I have a certain sensitivity when it comes to girl favoritism when it comes to my in-laws, who definitely fawn over the granddaughters much more than the grandsons.  And of course, they have almost twice as many grandsons.

Fine, fine.  It’s totally a personal problem.  I’ll just go away and sulk in a corner by myself.

2 Responses to “Things I Hate: “Final Score” License Plate Frames”

  1. Seana August 29, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    While we are talking about license plate pet peeves: the ones that say “my grandkids are cuter than yours” or my dog is smarter than you honor student” or my kid can beat up your honor student” make me INSANE. I totally understand being proud of your progeny. I completely sympathize with the idea that you think your kids/grandkids/dog are the best in the world. What I can not get behind is displaying something on your car for the whole world to see that is by it’s very being, offensive and rude to ANYONE who reads it. Why do people feel that being outwardly insulting to people they don’t even know is funny? Be NICE to people you don’t know. It will make the world a better place, really.

  2. marvel August 29, 2012 at 9:28 pm #

    I’m with you Glinda. It’s on the tacky side. I don’t mind the window stickers of stick figures that indicate the family and pet composition, as those are a simple statement of fact. But there’s enough competition in the world (and between siblings) without directly contributing to it.