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The Fruit Boycott of 2012 | Teeny Manolo

The Fruit Boycott of 2012

So I guess this means I should be pretty happy that my two and a half year old daughter refuses to eat any fruit in its fresh form?

She went from eating all kinds of fresh fruit to eating no kinds of fresh fruit.

It’s a phase, Glinda, it’s a phase.

At least it’s a phase where she isn’t exposing herself to organophosphate pesticides, amirite?

One Response to “The Fruit Boycott of 2012”

  1. marvel June 21, 2012 at 7:14 am #

    Eh, we have livers and kidneys for a reason. Also I couldn’t find in the link the level of pesticides detected on the fruit after washing– “still detectable” doesn’t mean “at high enough levels to cause a problem.” And it does depend on which pesticides they are finding, which isn’t clarified in the list.

    Do not spray organophosphates all inside your house and then let your infant crawl around the floor. That will indeed lead to organophosphate poisioning. But a little fruit here and there is unlikely to have enough to matter.