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Mountain or Molehill?

By Glinda

I went to Tarjay recently and bought my daughter some sippy cups.  I needed new ones because although she loves the kind with the straws, she has chewed said straws down to the nub.  So I decided to just get the latest in technology “unspillable” kind, especially as she has a penchant for dumping water all over the floor and my leather furniture.

The cups were on the lowest rung of the display, and one cup was orange and one cup was pink.  I definitely noticed animals on one cup, and only quickly glanced at the other one. Whatever, it was pink.  As long as both of them weren’t pink, I was good.

Until I got home and opened the package.

OK, ignore the purple cup. Do you see the graphics on the pink one? It’s got a purse, a makeup brush, a compact, and a mirror, among other things.

Am I wrong to think that this is just a bit too mature for a two year old?

I love makeup. I write a beauty blog. My daughter enjoys watching me put makeup on.

But it just seems wrong.


7 Responses to “Mountain or Molehill?”

  1. kuri Says:

    I agree. I’d rather keep to decorations that are more neutral; like animals, numbers, etc.

    Just to lessen the subconscious messages around them so they’re free to like whatever they want to like.

  2. The gold digger Says:

    I have a friend who posts photos of his second grade daughter on FB. There are times I could swear she is wearing makeup. Not seven year old I’ve gotten into my mom’s stuff makeup, but applied to be real. It’s creepy.

  3. Awesome Mom Says:

    If I has been in your shoes and noticed the design beforehand I would have not bought them. Maybe I am being too harsh but I am going to try super hard to avoid anything that I feel is too mature for my baby girl. The teen years are hard enough why start the pressure earlier than necessary? Why not give little girls a chance to be little kids?

  4. Seana Says:

    While admirable to try to avoid these types of things, I think you need to live under a rock in order to avoid it altogether. I am not suggesting that the trend isn’t a harmful and insidious part of inculturation of our young girls, but that it takes Herculean effort to avoid all such influences. That said, yes, the make-up on the sippy cup is over the line. You are TOTALLY right, Glinda.

  5. Jelly Says:

    Wow. I feel so many things here (leading to writing, then deleting several times), but a lot of it is sadness and incredulity at the pink cup. Even sadder as I realize that what I thought was a flashlight is probably a powder brush.
    Is there a way to paint over it? Though I agree with Seana that those influences are everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid, surely there are ways to deflect the engendering of the cup and yet retain its use?

  6. marvel Says:

    I’ll be contrary and say I think it’s no biggie. Most toddler girls go through a “want to be like Mommy” phase and I’ve yet to meet a young girl that doesn’t like to play dress-up and clomp around in old high heels. From the inclusion of candy and a cell phone, I would guess the theme of the sippy cup is “stuff in Mom’s purse,” though the absence of dried fruit chews, broken hair clips, crayon stubs and pens I’ve accidently adopted makes the cup poorly reflective of my particular bag. But I can’t get too worked up about the cup.

    The next time I ventured to Target, though, I might buy the blue and green dinosaur sippie cups. Or whatever the male-gendered cup is, just to mix things up.

  7. cadpig Says:

    I refuse to buy pink…it solves a lot of the issues.

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