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Monday Teeny Poll

By Glinda

Well, it looks like we have a bunch of people who don’t classify themselves as extroverts or introverts, but somewhere in between.  Well, I cant’ argue with the 58% who chose that answer, because I’m the same way.  I think to most people I would appear to be an extrovert, but I definitely need my down time, preferably with a book.  33% chose to label themselves as more introverted, and only 8% felt they were social butterflies.

Tonight as my husband and I were fast-forwarding through the Oscar telecast, the Munchkin came out of his room and asked what we were watching.  I told him we were watching an awards show.  Blank look.  For people who make movies.  Even more blank of a look if that’s possible.  “Sounds dumb,”  he said.

4 Responses to “Monday Teeny Poll”

  1. dr nic Says:

    I used to watch them every year. Now, I’m lucky if I’ve even seen one of the nominated films, and I’m tired of watching celebrities feed their egos and pat themselves on the back.

  2. marvel Says:

    There’s not a choice representing complete apathy towards the Oscars. I wouldn’t watch, regardless, but I can’t even find the mental energy to waste to consider it dumb. I can’t believe I just spend 30 sec of my life typing this comment. 🙂

  3. Awesome Mom Says:

    Complete and utter apathy. I maybe go to one movie in theaters every few years so it is hard to get excited about movies I haven’t seen starring actors I don’t care about.

  4. Ripley Says:

    Where was the choice for “It’s my Super Bowl”? I watch them every year and live-post with other people on a popular culture message board. I wouldn’t miss it.

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