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What to Do When Your Toddler Locks Your Bedroom Door, In 17 Steps

By Glinda

1. Be angry.

2. Be momentarily glad that at least she didn’t lock herself in the room.

3. Banish the thought that at least you could have had some alone time if she had.

4. Be upset that she also closed the sliding glass door that you had previously opened and would have allowed access in less than one minute. IF she hadn’t closed it. And locked it, also.

5. Bemoan the fact that you do indeed have to use the bathroom sometimes.

6. Attempt to open door with credit card.

7. Be angry when it doesn’t work.

8. Be angry that you don’t have the key (and in fact, have never had the key to open the lock).

9. Attempt to open door with paper clip.

10.  Be really angry when that doesn’t work either.

11. Call your husband and calmly ask if he has any suggestions, scoff at the idea that waiting until 9pm for him to get home and open it is a good idea. This is specifically because this is the room said toddler needs to fall asleep in at 7pm.

12. Search the whole of the internets for various McGyver-y solutions, all of which fail miserably.

13.  After spending a solid hour and a half trying to unlock the door, give up.

14. Stop being angry because it really isn’t doing you any good.

15. Suddenly realize that there are such things as locksmiths and give one a call.

16. Be momentarily embarrassed that you have to borrow some cash from your nine year old.

17. Not regret spending $65.00 for the locksmith to take two minutes to open your door. Not even for a second.

One Response to “What to Do When Your Toddler Locks Your Bedroom Door, In 17 Steps”

  1. marvel Says:

    10.5 Be glad you have a phone with you.
    16.5 Be glad you have taught your 9 year old son to save money.
    18. Have locksmith remove all unused locks in the house, and replace those that you need with new locks so that you have key.

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