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To TV or Not to TV

By Glinda

So my son wants a television in his room.

Never mind that we only have one television in the whole house. He seems to think that he deserves to have unlimited access to all of his favorite movies.

At least he is smart enough to realize that we would never allow him to have all the cable channels we have on our main TV, and has instead asked for the type of set that has a built-in DVD player. He would have to have a cable box to watch any regular television, and there is no way we are paying for that.

I have to say that part of me is tempted, and then there is another, louder part of me that says no way should a nine year old have a television in their room. Although I know many, many children that are both younger and older than him that do.

I wonder if I am getting soft in my old age. If my toddler is wearing me down so much that a request for a television doesn’t seem totally outlandish.

What say you about kids and televisions in their rooms?

I personally think it is bad enough that he stays up past his bedtime reading books.

I think it would break my heart if he took to watching television instead.

6 Responses to “To TV or Not to TV”

  1. Awesome Mom Says:

    No way are my kids getting a tv in their room. Not only is there the possibility of them seeing something I don’t like but then there is the social aspect of it all. I like that when my kids are watching tv I am near by to talk about it with them if they want to. It is fun to share with them shows that I like (and are age appropriate).

  2. Seana Says:

    Against my better judgement, tvs (plural!!!) were installed in my kids rooms. IT WAS A MISTAKE. And it can’t be undone (without a major catlyst that would require removal, like intentionally bathing the cat in pudding or mauling a brother or similar). I would never do this again, and counsel you to hold out. Once you make the concession for tv, computer is next and that is a BAD idea as well. Trust me. Our TVs double as computer screens. The time and effort required for supervision is NOT WORTH IT.

  3. marvel Says:

    No. Don’t do it.
    1. There is no need.
    2. It will replace his books.
    3. Kids don’t sleep as well if they have been watching TV immediately before bedtime. Actually, true for adults to.

    We don’t have an actual “TV” in the house — we have a computer monitor for Netflix in our living room, on which the kids can watch the streaming videos. And even that limited exposure is noxious.

    Possible compromise: Does he have his own laptop? If not, perhaps a low-priced PC with a DVD player, which he could use in a shared area of the house (kitchen, dining room, living room, etc.) where you could monitor, but he could choose what to watch.

    But no TV/monitor in the bedroom.

  4. KESW Says:

    Maybe I am a cavewoman, but I don’t believe any person with only one digit to their age should own any “grown-up” electronic devices unless there is some REALLY good reason for it (MAYBE a cell phone, but no iPods/Pads/TVs/Computers/etc). Especially not a large, relatively unmovable thing like a TV in their room.

    What’s his problem with watching movies where the family TV is? Competition with other family members for choosing what’s on? Does he have some discomfort in other people watching what he’s watching? I’d say talk to him about his reasons, and let him make his case to you (so he feels like his opinions matter to you), but there’s almost no way that if my kid asked I would say yes. Soon enough kids will be teenagers that will NEVER want to leave their room anyway, and your kid might as well be holed up in there with a book rather than the TV. ­čÖé

  5. Ruth Says:

    Stay strong. No TV in the room until at LEAST the teen years. My oldest is 14 and I’m holding out for a few more years.

  6. dgm Says:

    What everyone else said! Ditto to using the computer in the room–nope. The high schooler has to turn her cell phone in at bedtime; she’s not allowed to keep it in her room. The only exception is when my hubby and I are using the only TV in the house to watch a movie (we no longer have cable) and my kids want to watch a DVD too, they snuggle in my daughter’s bed and watch it on the laptop. But it’s turned in when the movie is over.

    My friends who allow their kids to keep a computer, TV and/or cellphone in their rooms complain that the kids spend all their time in there (but do nothing to stop it). Kids–even teens–need much more supervision that that.

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